Trapped nerve in spine

A few days ago I started having striking pains in my lower back - like a red hot knife going through it.

It usually happened if I twisted or turned - so severe that It caused me to fall over a couple of times. Thankfully onto the sofa! I also have pins & needles down the affected side.

I have been diagnosed with a trapped nerve.
I wondered if anybody on here has suffered trapped nerve & how long before it settled down?


Sciatica, yes. Off & on for years, not as bad as it was.

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You may not have sciatica Carol, best get more detail and google.

You have my sympathy.Nerve pain has to be worst.

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You have my sympathies, Carol, I had a trapped nerve in my neck many years ago, I can’t remember how long it lasted.

All I remember is, I had time off work, and had to stay in bed with it, as I was in so much pain…hope yours improves soon.

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I don’t google things like this. I consulted the doctor.

I have a bulging disc that is pressing on my sciatica nerve. The doctor just called it ‘trapped nerve’
The pain, when it strikes is excruciating.

My life is on hold until this settles down. :cry:

Awful for you . I always say a good massage really helps but go to someone who knows what they are doing . They can massage the muscles and the nerve pops out .

If sciatica , a good reflexologist can help clear that .

Get well soon

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I meant … consult the doctor for more info first.


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I am really just looking for help/advice from people who have had this condition.

My bulging discs have given me trouble before but this is the first time I’ve had one pressing on a nerve.
The pain is unbearable when it strikes.

Sorry to hear that @carol
I get it as well, had treatment over the years but it comes back.when I was in my early 20s did something and feit a twinge in my back. It didn’t hurt for a while and then I started to get sciatica in my right leg, got so bad I couldn’t walk far and couldn’t sleep. Eventually got to see someone and had treatment with the NHS, had heat treatment and traction twice a week for 6 weeks. It did work and I was fine for 10 years and then it was slowly coming back. This time i saw a private chiropractor and it started to work but have to be careful which one to see because they all practice in their own way.
Now I do get a bit of back pain and sometimes numbness in my legs but it goes off when I rest, I don’t bother anymore about seeing anyone, it takes so long and I can manage it. hope that it goes off a bit soon.
The only way to have treatment from the Dr is ask to see someone, that’s what i did the Dr will only give pain killers.

Honesty without a MRI scan nobody should be advising you.
Just some pain relievers and muscle relaxants that I must say the side affects can make you a tad wobbly

I have had a long experience of herniated back disks…since around the age of 14 my first episode until I had back surgery in the late 80’s
This does not give me any qualifications whatsoever…just know that I was left for a whole year in agony, most of the time, and my Doctor put me to the wolves…treatment with any tests…
So back wise I have learn the hard way…Shout loud to you get a Scan…


@carol Hi Carol .sorry to hear about your painful back.
Does it help to put a hot water bottle on your back, I find this a comfort with pain.

I am not suggesting it for you but when I have had severe back pain I have found relief from laying flat on the floor and stretching my toes out and stretching my arms behind my head.

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I have no personal experience of trapped nerves and no advice, Carol, but couldn’t just scroll past without offering some sympathy. It must be so miserable. My daughter crushed her sciatic nerve in a gym accident some years ago and she was in agony, so I can just imagine the pain you must be in. I really hope the nerve frees itself soon and you feel better x

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Oh carol I feel for you last time I had this the dr gave me some strong painkillers and muscle relaxants .

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They say stretching is helpful because you are easing the body to open slightly apart all…trying to ease the joints of the spine to release some tension in the muscles will help a tad…
.I had a brilliant German trained physio, NHS at first, but she got hounded out in the 80’s from St. Heliers Hospital Sutton… because of her fantastic methods deemed to be far fetched.
… It helped me, but was never going to cure me as the disk had burst and gone from liquid which it is at first to rock like pieces floating about in my spinal channel, obviously then touching the nerves…
It is still fairly low on stats for this to result in Surgery but without a Scan you will not get the best treatment Carol.

Micro Surgery being the only way these days it is less invasive although I was one of the Fortunate’s to go to Atkinson Morley and receive the Micro way…less than an inch scar and they replace the disk now as well, I have a small gap as that was not that advance then.


Thanks everybody.

I was x-rayed about 4 years ago & diagnosed with bulging discs.

Dianne, I have no reason to disbelieve the doctor that I have a trapped nerve as my symptoms are classic - ie: stabbing pain & pins & needles down the affected side.

The doctor recommended physio & exercise & if it doesn’t settle in a few weeks she mentioned a scan. I don’t think she means an MRI scan though - maybe an ultra sound. I don’t know really…

In the meantime I’m doing the exercises as much as I can but if it hurts I stop doing them on the advice of the physio. I’m going very gently with the exercise.

I use heat & ice alternatively & I’ve also got a back brace that I strap round my back. It holds it stiff & allows me to move around a bit better.

I’m just a bit desperate for it to go so I can get on with my life. :cry:

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Sorry to hear this Carol. Hope you get some relief soon.


I know the feeling Carol, I’ve suffered with this problem for years, in fact I have it at the moment. I take cocodomol 500 (repeat prescription) at the onset and then reduce to Paracetemol Advance. There is no way I am able to exercise with it, I can’t even stand or move without the help of sticks. It’s just a case of painkillers and gentle bending and twisting exercises until it eases.

Hope your pain will ease soon.


I had a trapped nerve in my elbow which gave me pins and needles in my right hand. This lasted on and off for years, Eventually I had an operation to move it, it had slipped into a chip in my elbow, The chip probably occured playing rugby in school,