Tory MP accused of watching pornography in Commons chamber

One of those who reported the unnamed MP was a female minister who said she saw him viewing the material while sat beside him in the Commons chamber.

Tory Chief Whip Chris Heaton-Harris has escalated a review of the claims. Mr Heaton-Harris, who is in charge of Tory MPs’ discipline, was initially said to be looking into the matter - before he asked for it to be referred to Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS).

The female minister said the incident occurred last week and that she had also seen the MP watching pornography during a hearing of a select committee, The Times reported.

A second female Tory MP said she had witnessed the same man watching pornography inside the Commons and that she had tried but been unable to capture video proof.

In the Commons on Wednesday, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas cited a report in The Sunday Times that said a total of 56 MPs, including three cabinet ministers, were facing allegations of sexual misconduct, and asked the prime minister whether such behaviour was grounds for dismissal under the ministerial code. Mr Johnson replied that sexual harassment was “intolerable” and “of course… grounds for dismissal”.

The claims about the MP viewing pornography were made on Tuesday at a meeting of the 2022 group - a group of female Conservative MPs set up to push for measures to improve the gender balance in the party. They were first reported by The Sun and The Mirror.

I am aghast at the temerity of the Tory MP … :astonished:

Children should not be allowed phones in the classroom.


If true, he should deffo get booted, it’s not on, is it? :rage:

But I’m amazed by how many blokes do get caught out doing this at work, what the hell are they thinking?

There was a case in one of my friends offices where someone had clicked up over 50 hours of porn watching on the office computer system! :nauseated_face:

Once on the train I was sat next to a bloke watching porn on his tablet. He had his headphones in, so you couldn’t hear the groans but he’d put the tablet flat on the table where I could see it, on purpose, obviously!

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I wonder if its possible for the TV cameras in the commons to pick it up on screen . The lady said she tried to film him I wonder why she didnt ?

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Those damn conservatives like a bit of nookie while they work.

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@Maree , Just imagine what they’d be doing if they worked from home
then Maree ??
Donkeyman! :grin::+1::grin:

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Tory MP accused of watching pornography in Commons chamber

I thought they all did that…


NSW politician Michael Johnsen offered a sex worker $1,000 to attend state Parliament for sex and sent the woman a string of lewd text messages and an obscene video while Parliament was sitting.

They were probably all too old to be standing!

What my lot do in the privacy of their home is their own business, as long as they flex off when they’re doing it, meet their targets, keep productivity up and remember to turn the camera off during TEAM meetings! :rofl:

In a public place, like Parliament, when they’re being paid a ruddy good wage to pay attention and where they risk inflicting it on other people, just eugh! :nauseated_face:

But I do think fear of getting caught or shocking someone gives them an added frisson

So he probably doesn’t do it at home, just gets a cheap thrill from doing it in public and getting paid for it

They should all be made to sign a legal guarantee that states they will not watch porn when conducting Parliamentary business. If they are found to do so, they should be sacked and a by-election called.

When I was working, we had to sign such an undertaking on pain of losing our jobs if caught. It was bloody difficult to do internet research on rubber-based subjects I can tell you :nudge :nudge :icon_wink: :wink:


I agree with Ben Wallace:

Now ‘sexist’ Labour frontbencher is accused of calling woman MP a ‘secret weapon’ because men want to sleep with her - amid hunt for porn MP as Ben Wallace urges politicians to stay out of Parliament’s ‘poisonous’ bars

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also urged MPs to stay out of Parliament’s ‘poisonous’ drinking dens amid growing uproar at sexism and sleaze at Westminster.

Mr Wallace said the long hours and access to alcohol had been a problem for many years, and his advice to colleagues was ‘finish your day’s work and go home’.


The Palace of Westminster has far more non elected people working there than Elected.

A Number of the Non Elected are not allowed personal mobiles in the building, works mobiles only, and these are monitored all the time.

The Elected or Appointed are excluded from this, tis a separate group, many of which consider themselves above the law.

It is the British Disease and it needs to be dealt with.


Nothing surprises me these days .’ The boss’ sets the tone (or lack of it)
Few MPs seem to have any respect for their leader and there is clearly poor discipline among Tory MPs, it appears anything goes…
A firm leader would have said ‘break C19 rules and your out’ instead Johnson failed to set an example and broke them himself now others feel they can do the same.
We need a good clear out in the cesspit.


I agree with this article:

The original police investigation into Sir Keir’s potential rule-breaking was hopeless and cursory. No one interviewed, a video studied, the allegations swiftly dismissed.

That might have been the correct decision. But if Durham police were right, it follows the Met must be wrong – or vice versa.

What is scandalous and unacceptable is if Mr Johnson is being treated differently under the law to everyone else.


What’s this got to do with “Tory MP accused of watching pornography in Commons chamber”

Read the two posts above it.

I repeat my question.

I repeat my answer.

It’s not an answer, it’s a reply … :roll_eyes:

Just how much leg crossing and uncrossing is going on?