Throwing things away

Sometimes we might think about having a clear out, I know I do.

Thing is, how do you decide what to keep and what can go, this is where I always start dithering.
I’m frightened I will chuck something away, and then might need it again next week. :grinning:

So how do you decide, and have you ever thrown something away that you’ve always regretted?

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I moved house in February - downsized from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom. I had to clear out SO much stuff, I just went into Autopilot and bagged and binned it (or gave it away).

I don’t regret anything, but I do keep thinking about my wonderful sewing machine that I gave away, oh, and the massive behemoth tub of beads I had collected over the years.

There is nothing you might need that you can’t buy again. Apart from personal photos & mementos. Don’t throw them out .

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Yes, you did well, Pixie.
Hope you are settled and happy now. :+1:

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Oh well done Pixie !
I am becoming burdened by things stuff what have you.
I need to get rid of it .
Come and stay :slight_smile:

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No, you can’t have her Muddy, I booked her first! :smile:


Darn ! :slight_smile:

I’ll be downsizing too soon
I have decided to do it pre-retirement rather than post-retirement
Most of the “stuff” is the kids’ things!
It’s too convenient to leave it at their parents’ place/s!
There will be some battles ahead I think! :flushed::crazy_face::wink:


I have lots of my children’s memorabilia I just can’t throw it away .


Thats an easy one then, Rhian - dump it all at their house. :grinning:

Rhian…give them a deadline. Tell them they have one week to pick up what they want or its going in the bin.

Then put it in the bin. Just don’t think about it. That stuff isn’t memories - the memories are in your head and heart. It’s just stuff.

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I’ve got loads and loads of books, old photos, clothes I no longer wear, houseplants that I swear are breeding overnight, and more dog toys than they have in Pets @ Home.
And dont even start me on the shed! If I dont sort that out soon, I will have to hold my breath and squeeze in there sideways. :grinning:


Houseplants? Ohhhh I’ll give them a good home! :smiley:

Its just stuff, Muddy. Take photos of it if you must, but honestly, it doesn’t mean as much as you want it to. I did that with my kids stuff…I kept their report cards and a couple of drawings, but everything else went to charity to be loved all over again. My kids didn’t want it anyway.

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We moved house about three years ago. We decluttered. But also we gave some items items I didn’t need that a friend could use. The friend in this case was a forum member and interested in his hobby. I had some bits and pieces that he could use.

John is a dreadful hoarder, I sometimes throw things out when he’s not in. He goes to charity shops and buys crap too, drives me nuts, good job I love him lol

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Hah, start clearing your window sills, Pixie. :grinning:

I wonder who clutters most . … women, or men? :grinning:

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I am a bloke, ipso facto I have a shed, full of ‘stuff’ ‘things that might come in handy one day’ I have paint brushes that are still in jars from back in the dark ages. I spring clean every year, I don’t think I have every thrown anything away, I found 4 dibbers once and a carburettor from something. It might come in handy one day


Hi Mups :slightly_smiling_face: when my Dad died we had masses of things to wade through including what seemed like a lifetimes worth of Christmas/birthday and other cards and I vowed my son wouldn’t have the same task.

I got rid of my large furniture some years ago including a dresser /bookcase/dining room suit before I got too old to move it around, I am so glad I did. Ornaments went too all but 4 special ones. Books I need went upstairs on a shelf.

Last weekend I went through my wardrobes and got rid of 3 bags of stuff. With clothes if I hadn’t worn it in the last year it went in the bag and that included my ‘funeral suit’ which was too big for me now. Handbags went too, I have always had ones with lots of pockets and realise that was a mistake and now have just one pocket.

We collect far too much stuff a lot of which we don’t need, far better that someone else makes use of it.


I love having a throw out , I’m quite minimalist and still find stuff to chuck . I hate clutter . Anyway I don’t want to leave a houseful of stuff for the kids to sort , they won’t want it .

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I’m good at decluttering when I’m preparing to move house but not so good in between.

I had a huge clear out before I moved to mu current house but that was 12 years ago and I desperately need another big clear out.

I’ve been gearing myself up to start with clearing out my wardrobes and drawers - I have too many clothes and shoes that I haven’t worn for ages.
Every time I look at them, I think “maybe there’ll be an occasion to wear this or that” and put them back. I’ve managed to get rid of a lot of office clothes but I still have a wardrobe full of dressy party outfits I keep thinking I may wear again but never do because I end up buying something new for every wedding and special occasion.

After that, I need to have a good sort-out of all the stationery and filing cabinets from my “home office” - I can’t see myself going back to work now, so I must get rid of all my old work-related stuff.
A lot of the paperwork will need shredding so I keep putting it off.

Then there’s all the household stuff that has gradually accumulated in the attic this past 12 years ….

I need a house-clearance guru to motivate me to get stuck in!

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