Thoughts on shopping for someone in isolation

Sorry, I know there are a few threads related to the virus but I thought this was an important point.

It’s great that volunteers are happy to shop for those who will be self isolating but I’m wondering how people will be able pay for it. If those in isolation have a few grand stuffed under the bed, that’s fine but if not, are they expected to hand their bank cards over along with their pin numbers?

I suppose most of us could afford to pay for someone’s shopping for a while but not for three months or longer. Those in isolation who are internet savvy can order online but not everyone has a computer.

If necessary, my son will shop for us. I would trust him with anything, including my bank details. I think shopping online will prove to be impossible. Waiting weeks for a delivery slot? Not a chance.

That’s a thought, Dongles, I never keep more than a fiver in the house. Oooh - another thought - what about people with ‘pay-as-you-go’ Gas/Electricity meters?

For those of us who bank online, no problem we can just use a cash transfer to a bank account.

I think new measures are coming in this weekend ( it was hinted at in the PMs speech yesterday) when the next restrictions of movement come into force to enable those vulnerable people being sheltered to get deliveries of essential items from supermarkets.

There is no possible way I’d ever give someone my bank card AND my pin number unless I knew them for many, many years. That’s just asking for big trouble.

During this crisis, I think it is wise to keep at least $1,000 cash on hand. We can never know for certain what might pop-up when we would need ready cash. It’s a new day and we must think outside the box.

If it makes you uncomfortable having that much cash lying around, you can always tuck it away. Maybe wrap it up in alum foil and stick it in the back of your freezer or put it in a zip lock plastic bag and bury it in the garden or inside a house plant under the dirt.

I had thought to go to the cash machine & draw money as usual. In the middle of the night if necessary when no one is around!!

We had drawn an amount of cash from the cashpoint before we isolated ourselves … that will cover any shopping for a while.

I hope people have thought of drawing out some money if they have it. Of course, not everyone does and I worry about how they will get on. Obviously family members are probably okay with card details but there are the volunteer groups going around leaving notes through people’s doors. Some people (quite rightly) said they would never trust a stranger to walk their dog as they could be scammers and the same could apply here.


I can imagine a spotlight on you;

'‘Carol, go home… Carol, go home immediately’ :lol:

It’s really nice that there are so many kind people around willing to help those that will be incarcerated in their homes.
There is a young nurse recently moved in two doors up from us and she put a little note through the door with her phone number. She said if there is absolutely anything we need, just phone or text her and she will ensure we get it.

Thankfully, we will be fine as have a large family here to help us, also have Tesco and Iceland foods delivered and have joined the local milk delivery firm as well which sell milk, cream, free range eggs, juices, yoghurts, fruit, veg, cakes, bread etc, with guaranteed delivery on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Saturdays. They send an email invoice a few days before payment taken so one can check it is correct and we’ve opted for it to be paid by DD. The foodstuffs and milk cost more than the supermarkets, but it’s a safeguard against anything happening with shortages in the supermarkets during this dreadful time.

Maybe your local milkman delivery would be worth a thought for others unable to get out.

Both of the cash machines outside our Tesco were out of order this morning. Presumably they were empty and no-one had come to fill them up when we were there.

Never mind cash machines … Morrison’s is already encouraging shoppers to pay by card or smartphone in a drive to reduce the exchange of dirty money.

Paypal or Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, our nearest is inside a local store which is closed overnight. We get our groceries on line but the delivery today was short of a few things to we took a taxi to the nearest supermarket. That too, was out of a lot of things.

I’m only in my fifties but I have no idea what apple pay is. :cry:

neither do I so don’t feel so alone my little chucklebum :wink:

Chucklebum? :043:
Oh you cheered me up with that LQ.

You pay with an apple :wink:

Going back to your original post, we’ve had two different people offering their services and I must admit I thought the same - how to pay them if any shopping was needed. I never have anything more than £10 in my purse. Always pay by card (which I’m sick of squirting with antibacterial along with the Nectar and Tesco cards and any other cards they’ve been next to in my purse :-D)

One of the people I would trust as she lives in the close, but the other, I have no idea who they are.

Yes, I wondered the same.
Sadly there will always be those who use bad situations for their own gains.