The World Cup 2018


It starts today.

Anyone else feel like hibernating until it is all over?

TV and media will be full of it

Very highly paid non entities spouting off for hours.

We are going to start early and score goals.:shock:

That will be a first.

I am paying for all this through my TV Licence and others.

Can we please opt out?

I would rather watch competitive toe nail clipping than this.:twisted:

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I am looking forward to it . Properly watch every match.
I have my wall chart an England flag up already.
And just think what will it do for beer sales if England do well.

Hate Football and what annoys me most, is that they take off our Soaps to put it on when they have other Channels that it can go on. Millions of viewers would like to watch Emmerdale and Corrie on their regular times and not Football.

Put it on another Channel then we can all be happy.

Each to their own Swimmy. :lol:

Over the century’s certain Royals have banned the game even Cromwell was not happy about it but at the end of the day the game as survived and always will.
Its the biggest money maker on the planet although I would rather it was played for the skills than the money.
Its also nice to see in this day and age of money we can still glimpse the natural beauty on the field of play, which gives me hope for the future of the kids who play the game.
I disagree with a lot of things in football especially the FA’s early age policies of grabbing kids as young as 6/7 and clubs promising parents big handouts.
I am hoping one day some one will see sense again and raise the age to at least 9 as it was in my day if not higher.
Taught and coached a lot of players in my early years had a few uncles who played the game have nephews who made their fortunes in the game.
Unlike a lot of family members I have never followed glory always been a Middlesbrough fan. :lol:
My bro in law who passed on Sunday will be buried in his Millwall shirt with a blue and white scarf wrapped around his coffin.
There are millions around the world just like me.
But there are those that will never like the game which is their loss.
Come On England. :mini::026::mini:

He gods preserve us from a whole month of inane football hysteria as well as the usual tennis/cricket/ whatever else hysteria. Is there such a thing as a non-sporting refugee channel? :shock: Lead me to it, please…

Mega, Mega, YAWN! My husband and I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever.

Mind you, if any of the British fans behave badly, I hope they get a good dose of Russian ‘justice’ that would serve them right.

Well!! For us football lovers it’s going to be great.
I will be in my man shed. For a month watching from there
Can’t wait.

I am looking forward to the World Cup, have always enjoyed watching it. :smiley:

What a bonus this year with Wimbledon to follow … bring it on! :lol:

BEN channel on Sky. :wink:

I always look forward to the World cup but I’m not sure it will have the usual warm, sunny atmosphere like other years. I don’t think the weather is too bad in parts of Russia but I am sort of expecting snow and a fluorescent orange ball.

One thing I do know is that if I was gay or black, I wouldn’t be going there.

didn’t something crash into something else recently over there??

ps: do you want us to give France a hidding ??

Yes please (you’re good at hiding) ;-):lol:

I won’t be watching any of it. No interest at all. Except when it’s on at work in the canteen where I won’t be able to avoid it.

I loathe football.
I loathe the coverage, the noise of those stupid things they blow, the noise of all the shouting and jeering, the way the commentaries show a goal over and over and over and over . . . . then after they have seen it 50 times, they discuss it another 50 times - very often showing it yet again while they do. :twisted:

And lastly, like Susie said, I also get fed up to the teeth with the usual programmes being taken off or moved to some God-forsaken time of night.

Well you did ask . . . . :smiley:

They ditched Tipping Point today Mups. :shock:

I just drew Brazil and Serbia in a sweepstake so will be hoping they stay in for a while (Brazil at least).

As long as they last longer than Croatia and Peru I’ll be happy :cool: :smiley:

Something else that bugs me dongle, is the flippin’ TV magazine I just bought is also all wrong!

And another thing - why does football rarely finish when it’s supposed to? So even if you eventually find the programme you’ve been waiting - it’s running late. :roll:

Two Words:

Bah Humbug :twisted:

Russia 5 - Saudi 0

well the saudis know how to draw oil but they sure don’t know how to play soccer!!