The Windsor Agreement Stitch Up

Summed up brilliantly here.

It sounds a lot like the rest of the stuff the government has done since we supposedly left the EU…“How can we give the impression that we have left the EU when in fact we haven’t”


You’ve left the EU. That is certain. Even to me. Don’t get confused by the notion of “leave” and the reality of “life and relationship afterwards”. What I think you mean is - you don’t like the relationship after. Neither do I (for very different reasons).
What we all need is a slap of reality. Here it is:

Simple. Your lovely (radical conservative) government has decreed that NI is best in the EU customs union. Which presumes others are worse off out of it. Who would have guessed?

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It’s the interface, interfaces are always tricky, don’t start making sweeping judgements based on this.

This will make you see red - and I don’t mean the coke in the background!

No :poop: Rishi, THAT’S WHAT WE HAD before Brexit!!! :icon_rolleyes:


Well Ursula von der Leyen seems happy enough with this new deal – which makes me very suspicious

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It seems it’s great news for rishi to tell NI to stay in the EU, and for boris to tell ukraine to join the EU , but it’s not great for the uk to be in the EU…how does that work…?


Sunak is lying to us. Watch the polls, if they go up for him then the propaganda us working, if not then it’s over for him and he will need to be booted before he has chance to sign this “non-negotiable” disaster.

I wasn’t sure about this article, saying that all Brexit fans really want is permanent outrage at the EU. Reading some posts above perhaps its actually spot on.

Well done Rishi

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Another aspect of this new agreement is that it absolutely damns the NI protocol. It is a conservative PM making a clear statement that an agreement established by a previous conservative PM needs to change. It also kicks the notion that the UK would break international agreements into the very long grass. Another kick in the proverbial for that previous PM. It shows Johnson was stupid twice.
In the papers today: “Boris Johnson’s supporters are increasingly doubtful he could make a comeback as prime minister after being “humiliated” over his post-Brexit deal with the European Union.”

Good evening,
sometimes it appears to me that people in the UK seem to forget that the NIP is the compromise, maybe the least bad option which is/was on the table.
I guess that all agree there has to be a customs border for goods somewhere.

Why did the negotiators not accept the EUs green/red lane offer back in 2021? That could have been solved ages ago.

How will it continue? Does the PM need the consent of Sammy Wilson and the others or can the framework be put into legislation without their consent?

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The green lane / red lane and the NI Protocol is completely unnecessary.

There should only be UK law in Northern Ireland and no hard border. It’s complete nonesense to do otherwise. The only border that was on the island of Ireland was a security border - not a customs border. A customs border on the island of Ireland already exists as there are different currencies and different tax rates already in place. The idea there needs a customs border to stop smuggling and to protect the single market is a complete myth, customs borders are not designed to do this.

If the EU wants to protect its single market it needs to do so in its own territory. Tear this absolute shambles of a deal up, tear up the TCA and walk away from the whole lot. The only reason we have them is that our elites and the EU elites are all on the gravy train and don’t want to leave - they don’t give a dam about voters.

The politics of Europe and the UK (and the world for that matter) is a sewer and only now are we starting to wake up to it. This new deal from Sunak is different to the EU one - exactly how Heath was hoodwinked into giving up our territorial waters when we joined the common market.


Exactly, it’s a complete betrayal of the 2016 referendum and a complete betrayal of the will of the people.

Breaking international agreements happens all the time, I wouldn’t get too wound up about it. If you cared that much, you would be outraged over how the EU put a hard border in Ireland to prevent the distribution of vaccines into Northern Ireland and the UK.

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Remember that when your grandchildren are forced to fight a war on behalf of the EU.

Thats what the Common Defence and Security Policy does - sends your kids off to a war decided by Brussels while they march to the tune of the EU’s anthem and wave their flags. You will be paying for it too.

Lots of posts essentially saying that in the view of one person NI could in the EU and yet not in the EU and this would be no trouble at all. Funny how everybody else, the ones who have to agree to how the Good Friday Agreement and the UK’s exit from the EU will work in the isle of Ireland, see it differently. Funny how essentially the whole of NI voted to remain because they were close enough to predict this issue. I’ve sat back and weighed up the two sides of this debate: everyone else versus one person here. It’s difficult to judge, isn’t it?

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Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to be part of the UK. What you’re saying is like Surrey should be in the EU.

The only reason that remainers support the Windsor Agreement is because it completely undermines the democratic vote in the UK to leave the EU and puts the UK and NI under control of Brussels again.

Thats not a tangible benefit either by the way.


Everyone else except two people strathmore…


Norther Ireland is the new Africa, totally ungovernable.

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