The way Cycling changed my life.

Hi everyone, you may have to bare with me as I’m new to “forums”.
I was hoping to find like minded people who may have some local knowledge of cycling routes/points of interest in Sheffield and surrounding areas, I ride a very Smart ET-15 evo so distance isn’t much of an issue, I’d just like a few more beautiful places to plan my route to! Thanks in advance- Christine

Hello and welcome to OFC.

I think you’ll find this thread interesting.

Hello Christine :grinning: a warm welcome to Over50sChat…

It just depends on what you regard as “surrounding areas”. I live about 15 miles from Sheffield and there are quite a few cycling routes that I’m aware of. :biking_man:

Are we talking road or off road Christine. Welcome to the forum by the way, I live just up the road at Doncaster…