The storms have abated today

So we have had the storms and now some gentle rain today:


The impression you are trying to convey is not strictly accurate, Besoeker. I gave my son a lift into Doncaster earlier on, and it is a thoroughly miserable day. :frowning_face:

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Yeah! I came back from my walk/run earlier and was soaking, it was cold, wet, miserable and muddy. But with no wind, It was calm though, and I enjoyed me dinner…
Very nice clear photo though Besoeker, you’ve got a good eye for a picture…
:+1: :sunglasses:

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Yes, the picture is fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still quite windy today but at least the rain has stopped.

I agree with the others Besoeker, a great picture!

It is dry now which is my point.

It may be dry now, but you were claiming there was gentle rain when you said it.

I apologise.

In that case, so do I. :+1:

Gentle rain? It’s been absolutely lashing it down here since 10am and the winds are still bending the trees over.

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It was until about an hour ago.


Yes they have , at least locally.

Tomorrow however is forecast to be different, 40 to 48 mph winds and heavy rain.

Lucky you for the gentle rain :wink:. I witnessed high wind-driven horizontal rain, but I did not swear as it washed everything free of the salt deposited by the storms, thus saving me from the task :ok_hand::+1:

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Yes, it was rainy and windy but that ceased about 1600.

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Over 400 years of windless drought!

And is raining at 2130!

A bold prediction for next century.

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Actually in about the next thirty minutes…:slight_smile:

Sounds like perfect weather to fly my drone Bruce, apart from a couple of hovering exercises with it in the house, it hasn’t come out of the box…

They definitely don’t like anything more than a gentle breeze unless you have an expensive one.

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