The petrol crisis

What do you think of this ?
Is the really one or has it just been fuelled by the media ?
The government has not handled it well .
Re army drivers getting involved why not we are not fighting any wars just now are we?

what i think :thinking:

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Don’t belive this one .
Why would any government want to ruin the economy as it will if people can’t get petrol they can’t work .

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Something that is bubbling for years, then suddenly becomes a crisis is usually engineered, or, just an overreaction.

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The media has caused this .


i went to my local Tesco garage yesterday, there was a queue of two in front of me, no problems

its the tv and media keep going on about it, still this morning on breakfast news

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Just spoken to my son and he’s says where he lives the queues have been huge like 100 cars long but aren’t now as all the garages are empty .


It has been a known problem for the last year, as have others in the supply chain.

The Government have chosen to ignore it and blame everyone except themselves.

They treat us like idiots, George Eustace was so nasty and condescending.

The refusal to give emergency services priority is just plain stupid, medical staff are missing shifts and lives are at risk.

We are Global Britain, but as a laughing stock.

Well its supposed to be easing off now, and BJ made a point of saying that keyworkers would not be getting priority :woman_shrugging:

The thing is why should they ?
Everyone has to work to make a living .
Ambulances and so forth don’t fill up at normal stations anyway .

The media are there to report News and they have reported the true fact that, for a few reasons, we are short of HGV drivers to get fuel to the pumps. We know reporting this sort of News makes matters worse because people immediately rush en masse to the pumps to fill up.

The trouble is that unless we have a Police state where such News can be regulated or stifled, the media will continue to report it. We don’t have or want this in a free World, so it would be up to the media themselves to decide not to report it because of the panic buying it causes. I somehow can’t see them doing that.

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My wife found the same yesterday when she finished her shopping in Tesco the filled up her Suzuki. My Pathfinder, she has at least 3/4 tank-full and I also keep 10L in a jerrycan for her, so we are jogging along nicely, well prepared for my heart op in 2wks.
Only a few days ago there was a definite shortage, but with overnight deliveries and most of the local drivers now filled up, the fuel crisis locally for us has eased.



They need the fuel to get to work.

Specialist medical staff here in Shrewsbury can travel 35 miles each way to work in Resus, ITU and CCU.

No fuel, you die.

It really is as simple as that.

Yes, the ambulance will have fuel, but once you get to hospital you will be in a long queue to get treated.

There was a long queue yesterday at our local garage as I rode by on my bike, Cars/vans not wanting petrol were driving on the footpath to go on the inside of the queue waiting to turn right into the garage. I was only gone about half an hour and by the time I returned, the queue had gone. Still a full forecourt but no queue of cars blocking the road.

IMHO it’s just the usual over-reaction by both the media and the more gullible and/or selfish members of the public.
Mrs Zaphod has just been to the only petrol station in town (not to buy petrol but to drop a parcel off) and there was just one car there and yes they’ve got plenty of fuel, she told me.


It would concern me if the domiciliary workers can’t fill up, because there are some extremely vulnerable people living at home, who rely on nurses and carers, I think those whose lives are in danger should be given priority regarding petrol, I’m surprised to hear Boris say that the care professionals don’t get priority over petrol, they did in the supermarkets when covid struck.

I bet everyone in the media made sure they’d filled up before they broke the news to the rest of us :lol: :lol: :lol:



Global Britain?

Global Joke is how we are seen.

The only ones having these problems to this extent.

Expect DFS to say there is a shortage of sofas anytime soon :grinning:


NO problems in northern Ireland apparently!!
What does that signify ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking: