The Official OFC members selfie thread

Thank you!
Actually until you mentioned it I’d completely forgotten about having freckles, they’ve long since disappeared.

Very studious Foxy! :+1:

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I have a bathing suit pic in my back yard, but I won’t post it.
This is me at 19…suitable for this thread!

And one more from my tap dancing days at 5 yrs old…


Looking back at these photos of us tells a story, doesn’t it?
I certainly didn’t think I was special in any way, yet weren’t we all cuties, and yet these were some of the best years of our lives. Do you all agree?


Very much so!
And the beauty of a snapshot as oppose to a carefully composed professional picture is all the detail captured within at that moment in time. Take your first picture for example. The radiogram, the birdcage, furniture etc.All these things can be so evocative and personal.

I’ll be dabbing at my eyes with a tissue next :wink:


That stereo and the birdcage were our own, the rest was the third floor furnished apartment in Germany.

And you and the knotted tie in your school pic. And Foxie, in his lovely jacket. So different in England than in the states at that time!

Gosh, I love this thread! Oh, and my tissue box is right in front of me…help yourself!


When I was very, very young, I think I may cry!

In Corfu in the early 80’s, I was pregnant, that bump in my tummy is my oldest son


You looked so beautiful Maree. :hugs:


Thank you , it feels like someone else in another lifetime, so much water under the bridge

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maybe but i bet that the bridge is still as beautiful

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I’d be about 10 years old here I suppose. I grew into the jug handles as I got older. :slight_smile:

Some years later…


@Maree , what a beautiful young woman you were!
Surely, you must still be a stunner in so many ways, inside and out. :blush:


It’s often never realised how happy certain times of life were until they are gone…

(If the colour looks a bit off, it was originally colour but very faded. Converted it to B/W and then let an online colorizer have a go at it. Not bad maybe.)


I used to come in twos

before one’s own identity became more and more important.

(The magic of ORWO Color.)


Spiffing workout in the gym, sitting in the sunshine people watching over a protein shake and a chicken and stuffing sandwich!

Yep… sunshine, what a tonic! :sun_with_face:


Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy yourself today! And, a workout already done. Nice! :smiley:

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Lucky you being able to have a workout. Our gym was closed during corona and won’t open again. :roll_eyes:

nothing to stop ya running around the beautiful english countryside??

Sorry to read that Dachs, I gather you live somewhere quite rural then , both curse and blessing I’d imagine?

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Exactly. I live in a suburb you might say although technically speaking it’s a self-governing municipality. The thing is that it was not a smaller gym-only place like it is used for iron-pumping but a larger, two-story, generously laid out health club landscape with indoor playing fields, several saunas and rooms covering 6,000 m², way too large after the end of cheap Russian gas. It can’t be run privately it seems which is why its fate is sealed. And I suffer.
Just a glimpse of it:

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