The Most Advanced Machine


We sometimes forget just how good the human body is…

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Especially the brain. I just read an article that they’re finding that the brain is more like a computer network than a single computer, which was their old model.

I was talking to a guy in his 80s who said that if he could live his life over, he would study the human brain. But most of the advances in the field are being made now so he’d have to live another 80 years for the breakthroughs.


@OldGreyFox , Actually, the human body is one of the weakest of the
animal kingdom OGF !
We are much weaker, much slower, and our senses are much less
powerful than any other animals !!
Where we “Excell” is in our brain capacity ! ( allthough you might not think so) ?
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m sure I read somewhere that the average human only uses a small percentage of their potential brain power.

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I disagree Donkeyman.
Certain animals are better at certain things than humans (run faster, climb and swim) but humans with their digits and thumbs among other specialities, are far better allrounders than any other animal.

@Tezza , Probably true Tezza, just look at the football supporters
for instance ??
Donkeyman ! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Yes I agree, the human brain is used nowhere near it’s full potential. If you add up all the remarkable things that some people have learnt to do using the same brain that each of us has…Imagine being able to do all those things with just one brain…I do think that brain development starts at a very early age, and if it’s not cultivated, then some of those things are lost forever. Consider a pianist. A lifetime of practice makes them as good as they are, although there are exceptions, and some late starters do develop into top class pianists.

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The main problem with a human brain is how easily influenced it can be Donkeyman.


@OldGreyFox , Ha! Ha! Yep, just take yourself for example ??
Donkeyman ! :+1::grin::grin::+1:

As I see it the human race put itself into a catch 22 situation. We made the leap from instinct to wondering. Then that wondering turned into creating and we have finally created the means by which we no longer have to wonder , we simply press a button to get the answers. Que sera sera.


I think the answer it that it designed itself!
Since it first began, as an amoeba, it has developed and improved itself until, after millions of years, it became a human.

On the other hand, some humans I have seen have begun to regress, again through their own choice. I think it was Donkeyman who mentioned football supporters - or footballers for that matter!
I wonder how far back they will manage to go. :rofl:


There is a book called The Theory Of Evolution. (by Natural selection).

Sort of covers much of this?

It might become famous one day?


@Tedc , Yep, lve read it several times !
IMO Darwin was the greatest observer and thinker ever born ??
I had to read it several times over several years till l really took it
all in !
Donkeyman! :+1::grin::grin::+1:

We need to have a good hard look at ourselves before we assess others Donkeyman…

And you talk about me being influenced Donkey…

@OldGreyFox , OOooer ?
Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

In my opinion Charles Darwin was wrong Donkeyman.
You only have to look at the timeline for it to be impossible for humans to evolved from any other living thing on this planet.
Sorry to have peed on your bonfire.
I am influenced by nobody, and draw my own conclusions.
I stay objective, some things I can prove and other things I can’t, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what I think so it doesn’t bother me if people assume I’m being influenced or am a conspiracy theorist. I choose to question what other people believe, and my thoughts and theories are original.

That is simply not so.

Well it’s what I believe Todger.
We are unlike every other living thing on this planet…

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I don’t understand. I assume you have read this somewhere and that some sort of evidence is supplied. It has been long been believed that humans have evolved from apes. Can this be disproved?
I’d be very interested to find out more on the subject.