The Max tail rev 67 or what

Today, myself and a neighbour, were helping to fix door for the lady who owns Ozzie. Now Ozzie knows knows it is his turf. He barks at the smallest disturbance. Normally I just leave Max outside the gate but my good neighbour just let Max in. I thought there would be a rumpus. Not a bit bit of it. Sure, Max explored the house and the garden with Ozzie. No fuss. Then Max just laid on the kitchen floor while we did our door work.

Just, I am kinda pleased that he just behaves.


He is a gentleman - just like you!

Ah, thank you! He has a lovely nature. A people person ever ever there was one.
I had a very similar fellow about sixty years ago:


And the next tail.
Max likes the lovely groomer lady and she likes him. So he the treatment today. Bright, clean, and shiny And that alert face. Handsome he is.


Relaxed Max this evening:

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That is one totally lovely dog!

I’m in love :kissing_heart: :two_hearts:

He doesn’t sleep all the time…

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Aww Maaaaxxx!

Someone obviously doesn’t mend his fences!


Oops! :grinning:

Lovely pic of Max, Besoeker… :grinning:

[quote=“Mags, post:11, topic:89066”]
Oops! :grinning:

Lovely pic of Max, Besoeker…[/quote]
Thank you kindly Mags and others. We are lucky - he has such a lovely temperament. We knew about the broken fence and I just happened to have the camera this morning when he was investigating.

Resting on the landing ast night. It was very dark so I apologise for the glowing eyes…


He looks like a Bionic Dog :joy:

Max is just so lovely! Thank you, Besoeker.

And the cat…

The dog:

And the stand off…

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Great photos of two very handsome creatures - thank you, Besoeker.

Been an interesting day. Max had the groomer pick him up. She is very good about that and he is happy to go. Then then my wife went to the vet with Ozzie. The vet found one eye that has a a cataract… The vet may be a sign of diabetes. I think the Ozzie’s mum tends to not give him the best healthiest diet. His weight reflects that at 15kg. We try gently remind mum about that. But is her lovely companion.

So then we gave Max some frozen melon - it cools him in this heat. He wanted more. He can be insistent: But, if the worst flaw in his otherwise lovely nature, we’ll suffer it.


Max is so lovely, cherish every moment with him Bes.

Well thank you and Tabby. Probably I am biased but I think he a gentle fellow. I have posted this last Christmas when our family were over from USA. Max and the wee lad we inseperable.

Five years ago it was the same.

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