The Knife Angel

My Lovely Cousin and I trundled down to Weston-super-Mud today to see the Knife Angel. Made from over 100,000 bladed weapons either handed in, confiscated, or used to commit crimes, then welded together to make a memorial sculpture that is being put on display around the country.

It is a terrifyingly excellent sight.

Now you can start to see the detail of how monstrous some of these weapons are. Machetes, meat-cleavers, and saw-bladed combat knives, carried on the streets of the UK.

When it was being made, families of victims, many of whom were teenagers, were invited to engrave messages on the blades.

Futility and despair.

Future dates and locations can be found here.

The Knife Angel Tour Schedule | The British Ironwork Centre


Gosh, this is…a real work of emotional art. I’d likely be a bit teary if I saw this in real life.


We both were. One of the things we noticed was that most of the people who stopped to look were middle aged and upwards.

This is quite interesting to note. I wonder if its more poignant for the older people who may have lost loved ones to knife crime…as opposed to younger people who (sadly) feel it has become part of everyday life? I’m not saying that younger people are dismissive of it, just that…I don’t know how to word it without sounding off hand… :slightly_frowning_face:

Also…the face on the sculpture speaks volumes…


Thank for the photos FC
What a brilliant work !


This is a very compelling endeavor, Fruitcake. Haunting and that it bears so many tragic stories.


thanks for those piccies, there are talented people around who make something out of the mis fits in our lives


A very compelling message through art.


made me think of Husbands past relatives whom some were very talented…Sculptors…Has A Feel of Aggression about it, I Thought…
Eric Aumonier for one

This is outside East Finchley Station in London but he was involved is many Sculptures…

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