Pirate golf in Zumerzet

Following on from our visit to the Knife Angel whilst it was in Weston,

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my Lovely and I took a few photos around the area.

The Italian Gardens. I’ve never been to Italy, but I’m sure their gardens don’t look like this. It cost a fortune, and regularly gets used as a skateboard park.

Flying rats having a shower.

From the top of the nearby car-park.

Crazy golf and new pier.

Sovereign Centre (shopping precinct) North entrance atrium.

Knightstone Island and Weston harbour.

After that we met up with our first cousin once removed (or son) for lunch before going to play pirate golf on the beach lawns.

My Lovely Cousin scored a hole in one on the first green.

Afterwards we walked along the seafront whilst eating the mandatory ice-cream.

A dredger heading up the Bristol Channel.

Sand, sea, and mud, plus a broader view of Knightstone Island and harbour.

Then it was time to head home for tea.


Looks like an incredibly fun day out! The look on your Lovely Cousins face made me laugh! Great photos! :grinning:

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Not been to Weston-on-the-Mud for years! Looks like you were lucky and the tide was in!! Thanks for the photos, it certainly has changed since my last visit


Congratulations on having a pro golfer in the family. Now you can retire!

I love those splash pads. They make the very best of toddler-watching, and you can find out everything you need to know about their parents by how they react to their kiddos in the fountains.

Thanks for taking us along on your day out :+1:.

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Yeah I really don’t like the brown sea of the area, sea should be blue / grey / green for me😂.

Looked fun regardless.

I like Dorset but It’s crowded in season and as such have been going to north Norfolk and Dunwich (Suffolk) because the sense of space is unreal, but north Norfolk is rapidly becoming second home ‘heaven’, I saw one for £4 million recently. Why are humans so selfish and feel the need to own such places? Several rich toffs I know have bought places in Burnham Market.

Outside of season they can become ghost towns

I am in awe of this place and your wonderful photos! If there were such a spot on this side of the pond, I would hop in my car and drive there, even if it took days to arrive.

What a fun spot, I would be grinning for hours! Thanks for sharing!

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Now there’s a money making venture right there.

“Build it, and they will come.”

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