The garden room project (aka The Doghouse)

Rosemary has for a long time wanted a home office/studio in the garden, so this is how it went…

Border cleared and concrete pads laid (with the inspector in attendance)

Materials delivered

Base laid

Rear wall erected

Rear wall boarded, side walls erected

Rosemary supervising from afar…:lol:

Front framework and roof timbers erected

More walls boarded and soffits and fascias fixed

Boarding painted, windows installed, EPDM roof covering complete

View down the garden

Roofed in, door fitted, almost there

Final Inspection by Alfie

Renaming by Rosemary, sign courtesy of eldest son and grandaughter.

So that’s where we are, waiting another week for the plasterer to arrive so that we can get the internal finishings done.

Until then…

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Super job Barry :slight_smile: I am sure you will make good use of it…

Excellent work Barry. Whacking great garden you have too :023:

Wow - That would make a fantastic craft room! Well done, Barry and Alfie!

A brilliant addition to your garden, Barry!

Nice to see a project from beginning to end. Bet getting those “pads” level created a few swear words. I do wonder if the cost and effort is worth it agains a summer house type one can buy.
Still making it a DIY project brings its own rewards so well done and looks good
A water butt for the back gutter downpipe will bring a smile to the other half. Nothing like rain water for the plants

Looks fantastic, Barry. Well done.

Thanks Meg and yes, I’m certain she will. :slight_smile:

Thanks Percy and yes, the garden is a great space and pretty much Rosemary’s creation.

Thanks Tabby and yes, I really couldn’t have done it without Alfie keeping an eye… :lol:

Thanks Mags, I’m sure it will be well worth the time and effort.

Not for a minute did the levels give me any problems as being a professional builder I have spent a lifetime working with levels!
Not everything comes down to money RS, which seems to be a fixation of yours, but to purchase a room of similar quality would probably cost around double our spend, and you can’t put a price on the achievement factor!

Your final comment is almost an insult, which I will refrain from replying to in case I say something that I may later regret…

Thanks Jan, I must say that we are very pleased with how it’s turned out, although it took Rosemary awhile to convince me of the colour scheme… :wink:

Barry if you re check I did alter the last section when
I spotted the pipe in the corner roof so I apologise and altered it but you had already copied and pasted the original.
Seems you take easy exceptions on any suggestions albeit posted with good intentions regarding pre made out buildings.

As for money yes it does concern me being an OAP on a limited income as it would anyone else in the same situation. May be different for you, possibly having a job to earn that bit extra

Barry please ask Rosemary if she will let you post a picture of the inside, when it is finished, I am sure we would all love to see the inside. :slight_smile:

Certainly will Twink, I’ve no idea yet what the colour scheme will be so no doubt we’ll all be surprised… :lol:

My apologies for being short with you RS, maybe you caught me at a bad moment. :wink:

accepted but don’t expect me to kiss you as well

What a brilliant shed.

Nice :023:

Brilliant job Barry and very professional. :023::023: Just watch out for the downpour. :043:

Brilliant workmanship Barry, you’ve a great pair of hands on yeh. I’ll bet you felt good being back on the job again.
I also love the colours, the two shades of grey really suit it, very classy looking, good name for it too.

Don’t forget to christen it with a bottle of champagne, don’t smash it against the paintwork, pour it down the big red lane, you deserve it.;-):slight_smile:
Well done!

Cracking Job Barry, would not have expected anything less, how long did it take, and, did you have any help?

Thanks Tiff, it hasn’t turned out too bad… :slight_smile:

Thanks dOOd.


Thanks Jem, I definitely think we’ll have to go with that excellent advice. :wink:

Hi Spitty, thanks for your kind compliment. I started the job early August but it was slowed by the fact we had to wait for the door and window to be made which were on a four week turnaround. Regarding help, just the once I had to ask my neighbour for a hand laying the rubber roof as it was too windy to manage on my own, and Rosemary was always around to give a lift if anything was particularly awkward, otherwise just single handed… :slight_smile: