The Dog Lovers Thread

I thought we ought to have a thread dedicated to our best friends, exclusively to show them off, to chat about them or to discuss their problems, so please join in with all and any dog oriented items of interest…

Just to start off, here are our two cockerpoos Oscar and Alfie having fun in the snow last winter…

I hope you will find the thread both entertaining and useful :blush:


Loved watching that,Barry, so cute in their dog coats.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m concerned about my boy, he keeps retching and then passes out, did it again today, I took him to the vet, but he couldn’t find anything wrong, I will see what happens ,if he does it again, I will have to take him back to the vets…he also has a growth on his eye, vet said it’s not bothering him at the moment, so again will see how it progresses.


Crikey that sounds worrying Pauline, particularly the passing out part. How old is your boy, is he normally fit and well?




He’s between 13/14… the vet doesn’t seem concerned, he said he’s not going anywhere soon, he gave him a good check up, he was in the surgery for ages, anyway if it happens again, back to the vet, …as you can see in the pic he’s extremely bonded to me, he’s like a child …so intelligent…


A fine looking animal Barrie, and that picture of the bed, the rug and the toy looks very familiar. They do know how to get comfortable don’t they… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes, those Jacks are a pretty bright breed, and good news anyway from the vet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him. :blush:


A cuddle…


Just to explain Barry…he started retching a while back, he collapsed outside my friend Rita’s house, but came to quite quickly, I took him straight as an emergency to the vet ,that’s when he checked him over, I’m at my sons, this is the second time it has happened ,again he came to very quickly, if it happens a third time ,back to the vet.

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Awesome thread! How can anyone not like a thread about dogs :lol:

Here are some of my favourite photos of Rocky - many of you will have seen them in my albums on the old forum:

The one I treasure most though, is the one in my avatar - I had that drawing commission when he died and it’s hung above my desk… so I get to see him everyday :049:


I actually cried when our last dog died.I had never done that before even for anyone in the family.


Rocky looks so handsome, how old was he when he passed if I may Ask?


I lost my Rosie around Xmas and I’m still weepy at times, I kept her collar and lead, opened the lid to where it’s kept the other day ,started me off again, when my Jack goes, that’s if I don’t go before him, I’m not having any more dogs, I can’t go through the heartbreak again, it’s to much.


This is my little poodle Marty who died three years ago. I loved him so much. He was so loyal and he never left my side.
I used to call him my big man in a little suit! I miss him dreadfully as l do all the dogs, l’ve owned.

This is Cassie, she died six years ago…she was such a lovely girl…


Aww sorry to hear of Marty :icon_cry: Every Poodle I have met has been extremely intelligent and I am sure Marty was no exception.

(And I reckon you should make that your profile pic - it’s lovely :blush:)

(Cassie looks lovely too - those eyes :007:)

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Azz, Thank You for your nice words.
Use the pic as my profile pic? I look a bit chubby in that pic!! Ha!!


Nooooooo you look lovely :003:

Just crop it to your face like your current pic - I can do the crop for you if you like :023:


A little tale about an ozzie dog? - I have a large dawg heinz 57 - who is mature aged now and been with us since he was rescued from the Fil’s front lawn one early morn squeaking and had been apparently thrown there as a ‘cast away’ - would have died if left - fil fed him with a pipette until he grew strong and then promised him as a gift to us - I don’t think we had much choice - the die was cast. he is really and should be a working dog but we don’t have enough work for him so he remains a family ‘pet’. He loves going out more so with people who will walk around our acreage with him and if not he simply stays on site looking for kangaroos to eat! So I let him out each morn with a small bone and then get on with my own activities until maybe 30-60 mins later I hear a faint bark and I know it is he. He has wandered around probably got turned away from the granny flat and visitors cos they have aircon and come back home. I always respond without fail. Open the back door and this is the theme of the story-

" he never enters but just looks up at me and doesn’t move a muscle until I say “something to the effect of oh alright then come back in” or words to that effect with a soft lilt and in he comes - such a polite dog? or what - I don’t know?

tried to attach a pic but it just kept processing it forever?

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Dogs! I had them my entire life and I’ve bawled each and every time we lost one. It’s beyond heart breaking. It devastating. It’s like a piece of your heart and soul gets ripped out. You miss them so much that you don’t think you’ll ever get over them. Then some time goes by and you start feeling better only to find an old toy, leash, collar or dog coat. Our last dog had epilepsy, had diabetes ( 2 shots a day ) and was completely blind. When she passed, the void left was haunting. It’s no wonder we call them (wo)man’s best friend. They truly are. :heart: