Testing a Home phone

I bought a combined one ,call blocker, answer machine etc .advertised as new and naturally rang a number ,the local council at night actually , to test it .
Maybe you’re not curious that way ?
Next wanted to hear the ringtone. Rang my home number from my mobile . Too loud but there was a +and - button . , so I had to keep ringing myself to test that .
Then I decided I didn’t really want a phone with an answering machine ,caller display and call blocker , the instruction booklet print was feint and rfrankly I couldn’t be bothered .with it . So I unplugged it and sold it on to someone I don’t know …who did want all that .Question . " If the buyer presses 1471 ,a curious person maybe like me , will my mobile number come up ? "

Not sure about that, Zuleika. I take it you didn’t delete calls before you sold it?
If you didn’t, I have a feeling your number might show.

Someone who knows more than me will be able to tell you shortly, no doubt.

Just edited Mups , No one other than me rang me ,this was all in the space of a couple of hours .

Zuleika… What l want to know is… Did you sell it at a profit, or a loss?!!

I think you made the right decision dumping the expensive landline.

You can set your mobile service to either permanently block sending your number or you can enter a code before the number to block it for that one call - this code varies from provider to provider.

A profit, amazingly .! Only a couple of pounds Art

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Bruce I have to have a Homephone . My Care Alarm is connected to it . Should you not know how they works …I wear a pendant so if I need assistance , a fall for instance I can press that and it goes straight to people manning the Careline. ,they then are able to .speak to me

Thankyou for the information re the mobile phone.

I am sort of familiar with them (or something similar) as several friends have such a device however they do not require a home phone line just a wifi internet connection, pressing the button means an ambulance arrives within 5 minutes.

To block your number from being shown up on the 1471, you need to press 141 before dialling. Otherwise the number comes up.

I don’t imagine anyone would go to all that bother to check 1471 then write down the number, then dial it though. :woman_shrugging:

Pixie, l thought exactly the same! It usually costs a lot to ring a mobile from a landline, so why would anyone ring it?
Zuleika wouldn’t be obliged to answer it anyway.

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Was just a thought PK and Art .
However thinking again , the phone I had will now connect to a different number once plugged in , so even if the new owner pressed 1471 it would relate to *that *number , not my mobile? Yes? No?

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Zuleika, l did wonder that too, if your call history would not show with another number.
I thought people were more likely to have caller display these days than bother with 1471?

Realspeed might be able to help with your questions as he was to do with telephones, or the installation of phone lines?

Yes, i would think any 1471 would be wiped out with the new connection. :smiley:

A remarkable system that one is Bruce! An ambulance in 5 minutes !
This system I use will change somewhat by 2025 when
landlines go digital .

Oh I see, our system is already digital with the NBN.

Sorry the 5 minutes thing is a requirement of the NSW Ambulance service response times and is wrong, it is actually within 10 minutes - the median time for ambulances to respond to the most urgent cases was 8.8 minutes. Remember the size of NSW and there are towns that are half an hour from an ambulance station but in my area it would be less than 5 minutes in general.

My previous Homepnone didn’t have Caller Display and frankly what use is it when these nuisance people have devised a way of using genuine UK codes ,so while you might not recognise the number it would probably set you wondering who it was?
In case you’re wondering why I needed a new phone anyway , I dropped it and the handset kept coming away from the whole and while I was able to fix it back in temporarily time and time again the connection bits eventually protested and broke up . .
I’m now back to a replacement of the same model . :slightly_smiling_face:

Bruce how comforting that must be to know the ambulance station is so close .
I’m guessing mine is at least half an hour away but on Googling that , it’s 13 minutes .

I have my friend’s and family’s names that are displayed on my phone, so l know who is ringing.
Any number l don’t recognise, l don’t answer and if it’s important, they will leave a message.

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It is an expensive service so you would expect it to be good. As a pensioner it is free and all medical insurance covers it too. I actually have ambulance insurance for just under $50 a year because I travel a lot and an air ambulance costs a bomb.

Many years ago, the last time I called an ambulance, I could hear the siren before I put the phone down.

NSW residents will be charged a call-out fee of $407 for an emergency ambulance, plus an additional charge of $3.67 per kilometre (from the ambulance station to your pick-up address, to the destination and back to the ambulance station), regardless of whether you require transport by road or air. The maximum amount you can expect to pay is $6,668. These amounts are reflective of 51% of the cost of an ambulance service, with the NSW Government providing a 49% subsidy.

I just grab hold of an elephant and make a trunk call