Terrorist attack in Liverpool

A taxi has exploded outside a hospital killing one man.

Very worrying indeed, not least because it was presumably aimed at women.

Ruthio If it is aimed at women we know it’s likely source but we do anyway .

Oh no it’s awful.

Twitter is alive with speculation that a woman in the taxi was pretending to be pregnant to gain entry into the hospital and the taxi driver, seeing a rucksack in her possession, locked her in, whereupon she detonated a bomb. The driver (according to Twitter) lost part of an ear and was sprayed with life-changing shrapnel injuries.

No doubt the truth will appear sooner or later, depending on what aspects of the case the police wish to reveal.

That’s what we all fear, I’m sure


I am now going to be a party pooper.

Speculation does not help, it may be right, it may be anti abortionists or extreme right wingers.

The reason is very simple, speculation increases the risks of revenge attacks, which divert resources which should be used to investigate and round up everyone involved, as quickly as possible.

It is not just the attackers you want, they are largely irrelevant and often dead.

What you really want are the brains behind any attack, the planners, the money people and very importantly, the bomb makers.

Luckiest man alive today

Funny thing is I was at the remembrance service yesterday at my local WM and as the hymns where being sung by the crowd of about 300 I thought that some nutter could have a bomb and detonate it amongst us.


The cab driver is a very quick thinking hero, now released home by the Police.

He deserves recognition for his actions.

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No doubt that the intended target was the nearby Remembrance service, and the bomber was dropped off at the hospital and intended to walk the short distance. Could have been another Enniskillen but for the quick action of the taxi driver.

The Taxi driver is a real Hero, but will never receive the same recognition as some celebrity thats speaks out about free school meals or something along that vein.

I don’t think we have to surmise what the intentions of the bomber were

Trouble is, I suspect that the taxi driver will be targetted for a revenge attack.

I thought the same thing… and his occupation makes him an easy target too

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What bothers me is that the powers that be seem to be aware of many of these terrorists, yet they have to put lives at risk, or kill people before they are arrested or blow themselves up.
Anybody who is involved in terrorist activities should be exiled from this country, or better still forced to walk the plank from a big ship into a large ocean, seeing as many think they have the right to sail to & live illegally in this country!
Why the hell are we doing so little to get rid of these people?

And why are we assisting so many potential terrorists to get here in the first place?


Well most EU countries were happy to welcome them, especially Germany!
If they are a democratic countries why did nobody ask the populations what they wanted to happen… were they afraid that it may be yet another referendum where they may lose their ability to become the state of Europe? :roll_eyes:


Anger as Labour’s John Ashworth says: “obviously we pay our respects and send our condolences to the family of the man who lost his life”


Just shows you the mentality of Labour.

I’ll see if I can’t find a link to the story.

@Judd , WHAT!!
Is that a fact ?
What a plonker !!
We have no hope with Pratt’s like him in charge !!
Donkeyman! :sob::sob:


A somewhat different view, which you would expect from me on this subject.

Your Enforcement Agencies are so short of staff there is a waiting list of people to be investigated.

Government has repeatably said that the cuts protect frontline staff.

The planners and tracers are not classed as frontline staff.

We still have no working computer system to integrate all our information sources and databases.

We do not require immigrants to register where they are living, and those we do catch are released on Bail.

We are subject to the same Human Rights Legislation as other Countries who manage to deport illegals in weeks when we take years.

We are an International Joke and it is entirely our fault.