Tattoos, love ‘em or hate ‘em?

I confess! I like tattoos on men :heart_eyes: Thinking Johnny Deppe and Sly Stallone here :wink:

Not so keen on them on women, although some can be pretty.

What about you?

  • I hate all tattoos on everyone
  • I like tattoos on women
  • I like tattoos on men
  • It depends on the person and the tattoo
  • I love tattoos on everyone
  • I have a tattoo
  • I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

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Tattoos look ghastly on young women especially on their neck area . Their usually flawless skin disfigured for ever .


I agree. I don’t care for them on men either.

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Hate them. Her next door wanted to show me the unfinished one on her back, saying how it hurt. I just muttered ‘I have no sympathy.’

My brother has them all over his arms and now hates them. His third wife had them done when with him, so has them for life.

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I’m really not keen on them. My son has several, but he only has them where they can be covered up if necessary - he’s a business man and likes to look smart for his clients.

My daughter has a few small ones - a tiny shamrock on her hip, a nod to her Irish ancestry; a Latin inscription on her shoulder, something motivational, can’t remember exactly. And then she had one done on her foot to cover a surgery scar, vines and butterflies, very delicate. Oh, and she has my and her dad’s signatures on her arm. Not so keen on that one, but she wanted to have something as a permanent personal memory (I told her we’re not planning on going anywhere just yet :roll_eyes:).

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Nasty, loathesome, vulgar things in my opinion.

But beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. My late brother had dozens of them and my Sister in Law said she would divorce him if he ever had them removed

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I have never liked to see tattoos on any body - human skin can look so beautiful and I have never understood why anyone would want to deface it.

Hardly any of my friends or family have them.

My first boyfriend had some tattoos on his arms, of the old-fashioned type.
It didn’t stop me liking him as a person but I never liked the look of the tattoos.

One of my kids has a small bluebird tattooed on his shoulder - it’s a nod to his great grandad, who was an engineer for Sir Malcolm Campbell’s “Bluebird” car, which won a land speed record.
My son didn’t get that tattoo until he was over 18 but he didn’t mention it to me for a long time because he knew how much I dislike tattoos - I still love him, though! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh, and my grandaughter had a Manchester Bee tattooed on her ankle, after the Manchester bombing - it’s not very noticeable unless you’re looking for it. I still love her too - and I guess she did it as a supportive gesture of solidarity at the time.


A desperate need to get noticed.

In my opinion.!


I have never seen a body with tattoos and thought “they really enhance that body.”

I never understand either why some people say “I have a small one but keep it hidden.” Why bother then?

I don’t understand why young women get their kids names tattooed on their wrists or back.Do they think they are going to forget their names?

On hols last week we saw some frightful ones. One lad in his 20s just had his neck and arms completely black. No designs, just black and he said his aim was to have his whole body blacked. We also saw a lot of older ladies with tired old tattoos on their forearms, ankles and shoulders. they just looked oldfashioned.

I’ve always rather liked them. It might be a throw back to going down to se me my Great Uncle Ern in Brean when I was a toy

He was a right laugh, Ex navy and he had a full galleon on his chest that he used to make go up and down on the waves for you when he breathed in and out :sailboat:

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My brother had “Admiralty Property - if found please return” tattooed across his back.


I was thinking the other day, do some women now regret having tattoos?

I once saw a girl and her whole leg had a tattoo of a horse’s head.
I think the worst tattoo on a woman, is a rose on the left, or right one, or both. I think you’ll know what l mean!
I suppose it’s nicer than … Mild and Bitter!!

Flowerpower, I agree re. children being tattooed but l also think piercing baby’s ears is awful, as well as cruel.


When I was younger, I used to hate them. But now they’re so ubiquitous that they’re hard to avoid. I wouldn’t get one. But if other people have them, I’m not as bothered as I was.

I cannot get my head around why people feel the need to permanently ink their skin. I personally think they look horrible, especially on women.

I saw 2 men yesterday walking in shorts yesterday and both had ankle to knee at back of leg tattooed and I just thought to myself…why?

I wonder it is a way to draw attention to themselves. Perhaps they are insecure and crave attention? I dont know I’m just speculating of course.

I have to admit that in my grief I almost got a tattoo with my sisters name when she died in her memory but so glad I didn’t, I got to thinking my sister would not have wanted me to .

Nope, I just don’t get it but each to their own. My son got one with a girlfriends name and he totally regrets it. The relationship ended badly and the tattoo is a constant reminder of a traumatic time in his past.

Pop eye ?

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Tramp stamp (on a woman)

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In years to come care homes will be full of wrinkled old blue and green lizards .


Never really been a fan of tattoos, and I’ve certainly never wanted one myself.

If someone wants just one modest one which has a personal meaning to them, maybe ok, but people like David Beckham for instance, who seems to have very little normal skin left, is horrible to me.

It’s all down to personal taste. I have had 2 for many years and I don’t consider it anyone’s business but mine. Also I’m quite capable of telling them that to their face.
What I don’t like is so many tattoos close together, so they run into each other, I like to be able to see them properly.

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