Tap aerator size question

I’ve spent a vast part of this afternoon looking online for a plumbers merchant in the area where I can get a replacement tap aerator…

Honestly, how hard is it to try and find who stocks them? It felt like I was looking for gold. No problemo if I want to buy one online, but I don’t.

I think I might have found a place.
They only sell a 22mm one. A female one, which I need.

Hmmmm, so what’s 22mm Pesta? (I’m still in feet and inches).
I Googled 22mm in inches., which was 0.whatever. which I couldn’t relate to either.

So then I Googled what 22mm is in relation to a coin.

A dime is 22mm.

Ok, so then I Googled what UK coin is the same size as a dime.

A £1 coin.


My question is:

I compared £1 to my present aerator circumference and It’s exactly the same size on the outside chrome bit.

Am I measuring the right area on the outside, or is the 22mm size meaning the inside of the aerator?

I’ve got my fingers crossed someone will know what I’m meaning :thinking:

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I suggest you take the one you wish to replace along to a stockist and compare what you have with what’s on offer. ID and OD has always causes confusion so a direct comparison is the way to go P.

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Yes, I was going to do that, take it with me.
But, most blokes in these places see a woman coming… etc…

Another question I forgot to ask…
I’ve found out that some differ with their ‘pressure’ (is that the right word?), meaning the rate the water comes out.
I want a similar ‘pressure’ and don’t want some duper water spurt nor do I want a dribble.
Do I need to ask anything or will the present aerator show something about that?

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The pressure drop across the aerator should be negligible, but water mains pressure should be enough to overcome any added resistance from any aerator fitted. Flow from a tap is usually measure in litres per minute and that usually takes into account any aerator fitted. Something that not many tap owner realise is that usually within an aerator is usually a filter screen that needs an occasional clean. If that blocks, then the action of the aerator will be reduced and so will the outflow.

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Yes I agree. The problem why this has failed is that the plastic around the mesh has disintegrated, (not the washer) otherwise it was perfectly clean - which hopefully means the water company is doing a grand job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No, not a very clean supply as none of them are. The disintegrated screen has allowed any build-up to freely pass. A blocked screen at the hose connection end is often the case of a washing machine to develop a slow filling attitude over time.

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Funnily, the screen or mesh, is still sound.
There’s a very thin wispy plastic upstand type of thing with wispy ‘legs’ and one of those has broken. It’s no thicker than a finger nail believe it or not.

Anyway, thank you chuckybiddy. for answering my questions …
Where would us ladies be without the help of blokes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Behind every good bloke, stands a fine strong woman and without that woman, the said bloke would flounder :ok_hand::+1:


Copper pipe is 22mm outside diameter… It’s a standard size and very common.


Thanks Bes…yes, I’m sure you’re right - I’ve no copper pipe lying around though :joy:

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Might work with PVC…?

I don’t have anything PVC Bes.
I used to have a PVC mac in the old days when it was the fashion though. :shushing_face:

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Ah, OK. Do you have a pic of the aerotor?

No, I’ve not got a camera Bes, only an old tablet I sometimes use to take pictures.
But it takes ages to download a picture to the laptop.

Well, thank you for your patience. I wish I could have been more helpful…:frowning:

Sorry Bes, it sounds like I’ve managed to upset you. :confused:

I appreciate you are trying to help, but I wasn’t sure why copper pipe or PVC pipe would help me. I then reasoned you might mean to compare the 22mm size to them. As I haven’t got any, I can’t do that.

But thank you for your suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Och, not at all wee lassie!
You’d have to try an awful lot harder than that to upset me!!

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Oh, thank goodness… :partying_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

@Pesta , l expect the plumbing supplies bloke will want to sell
you the whole tap Pests ??
Hence the difficulty to find the aereator. !!
A lot of tap spouts come from China now and are made from
chrome plated plastic crap .
Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

They sell them in B & Q and Screwfix

There are all types, standard is usually 22mm.

You could buy and try… if its not right you can return it.

also worth having a look on Amazon