Sunday lunch for Vegans?

Whilst vegans try to prevent us normal people from eating meat
by exterminating all farm animals , l wonder if the the type of
’ joint ’ we get for sunday lunch will change?

Regards Donkeyman!

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Be bound to, donkeyman.
Same as vegan Christmas dinners. We’d all have to have Nut Roasts and Lentils. :slight_smile:

I was thinking more along the lines of ’ gunga ’ Mups, apparently
it reduces the appetite?

“Roast vegan” could be a new delicacy.

Would that be the meaty kind Annie?
If so what would be the nutritional value of that?

Why do vegans want to force us to stop eating meat?

Part of my family has gone Vegan, so there was a question raised about Christmas Dinner [as we usually have Turkey] and should we still ?
Mr A "s riposte to that ,if they think I am having a nut cutlet or whatever else they planned ,I will take a turkey crown [already roasted].
So it has been decided to have both . “thank goodness”.

Their excuse is 'to save the planet ’ Besoeker, but their real reason
is to encourage more vegan resturaunts to set up,as they have
difficulty locating vegan venues when seeking a night out! It can
take at least an hour and possibly several miles of walking before
they are satisfied?

Unfortunately l am in the same position as you Apricot, but
my vegans must be more radical than yours?

There’s some delicious looking food on that recipe page.
I wouldn’t mind having most of that on my Christmas platter.

The carnivores / omnivores can have their meat and stuff it -

Delicious Christmas food for me is all about the naked baked stuffings and roasted veg!

That is, in my view, the sum and insubstance of it.

Being veggie/vegan must take away your ability to be logic and make you gullible to media lies…

They haven’t got a leg to stand on Besoeker, or should I say…A leg to gnaw on…:cool:

If you’ll pardon me for pointing out the obvious - that statement is not very logical!

A bit of perspective comes in useful for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores, don’t you think? :lol:

I was visiting a local Buddhist Temple (the largest in the southern hemisphere) and in their cafe I had a vegetarian steamed pork bun (Chinese thing). To be honest I could not tell the difference from the real thing even the consistency of the “meat” was just right.

Sorry Boot, my statement was a little ‘Abrupt’ what I meant was…Out of all the reasons one would become Veggie or Vegan, I find the ‘Methane’ reason unfounded…:017:

Yes Brucy, l have also eaten one or two delicious vegan dishes,
and also fake meat products that tasted and looked like the real
thing, my problem is, why do vegans need to make their food look
and taste like meat if they hate meat?
I know a couple of vegans who will not even allow meat to share
the same oven with their cooking, and cant stand the smell of
a nice joint cooking! To me this seems to be more of a phobia than
a preference.
As l only know about ten vegans personally of whom half are
Afflicted/ affected to this extent l cant say all vegans suffer this way?
But the signs are that veganism is more of a religon or cult than
a genuine food preference?

Regards Donkeyman!


It all tastes like chicken so they say.

As a vegan of many years Donkeyman I genuinely prefer the taste of a plant based diet. I don’t consider it a religion or cult.
I would not want dead flesh in my fridge or oven either so understand your friends.
It is the thought of taking a piece of a living creature’s body causing it to lose its life for my meal that I find repugnant.
With veganism growing at a phenomenal rate it seems many others do too.
Maybe in the future populations wil regard meat eating the way we do cannibals.

It’s mostly young people who are turning vegan or veggie Xandra,.
(1) Because they believe the bull about methane and farm animals.
(2) Because it’s fashionable like smoking was when I was young.
(3) Because they are on some kind of health and fitness kick.
(4) I can’t think of (4) but I do know quite a few vegans that have left uni and are now carnivores again…
I’m not saying there aren’t dyed in the wool vegans like yourself, but like tattoos and face jewelry you will be hard pushed to find any in fifteen years time.