Such a simple, quick meal

Arrived home a little hungry.
What to eat. Espy rice, onion, curry powder, frozen peas in freezer.
I cup of rice, 1 cup peas, into the pot together.
Boil for 8 minutes. Whilst boiling, chop onion, fry in butter with curry powder.
Rice cooked, drained, onioned cooked, straight into the rice, stir.
Eat. 12 minutes maximum. (bring water, rice, peas to boil)

Driving home I was staring straight into the sun, 9 km go by before I remembered I have sunglasses in the console beside me.

Two 11 ton plates arrived at work yesterday, both laid together, no wooden gluts between them.
Total weight 22 tons, 240mm thick combined. Our cranes lift a total of 10 tons. Sent the plates back from whence they came.

Library books were due back today, forgot to take them back. Went online and renewed the loan time.

Yesterday I bought Aloo Parathas. Bloody spicy hot.

Paid the water bill yesterday - $32.45, paid the power bill today - $48.23.

Rice dish is very curry hot. Glass of milk is called for though I took my milk to work for morning coffee.

As I was backing into my car spot at home this afternoon, a child on his push bike drove straight through an ever decreasing gap. Frightened me out of my daylight.

I can hear a fly buzzing around inside. Must get rid of the dirty blighter.

What was you doing at 3am this morning? I was out watering the garden. Some hot days coming up.
33 today, 36 tomorrow, 37 Saturday…

Mouth is burning from the curry. I know, self saucing chocolate pudding is in the fridge, heat slightly, pour copious non whipped cream atop.

Dirty fly blighter was easy to be rid of. Dark down the room, open door, fly goes towards the light. Dirty fly blighter gone.

Chocolate pud and cream worked a treat, mouth not afire now.

Friday again the morrow, getting older by the week so rapidly.

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Buy yourself a rice cooker, you’ll be glad you did.

and add less curry power

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The sun is so low here during the afternoon it shines right in your eyes whilst driving. I either leave work early, or stay an hour later! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Leave the clocks alone and we’d be alright. Ha.
I hate it when people walk behind you when reversing. They can see your reverse lights, hear your reverse beeps, or actually see that you are coming backwards!
At 3 o’clock this morning I was actually sleeping. Makes a change. I’m usually wide awake thinking I am so tired, why can’t i sleep. :sob:

Had one once. Rice was gluggy. I suppose I could double/triple rinse the rice before cooking?

Most times I add too little curry, over compensated today. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Why the kid done that was beyond me. I was reversing, full sun glare, then this blur went by.

What! Rice always needs rinsing to get rid of the starch. It is simple just rinse under tap until the water is clear. No wonder you ended up with gluggy rice.

Personally I always used the absorption method of cooking rice but until I got a rice cooker had to watch it like a hawk.

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Add more :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::fire:

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