Stuff too much of it

Stuff .
We have too much of it .
At the end of the day but it really means nothing
Do you have too much stuff ?

@Muddy - You’ve been peeping in my Craft Room!

Tabbs I can imagine !
I have loads of drawing paper and various paints and pencils all quite expensive
The fact is I can’t resist a paint shop and always come out with something .
When I die where will it all go just be chucked out no one in the family paints .
And so many tree died to make that paper !

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Let’s put it this way, I live in a four bedroom house by myself and have terrible trouble finding places to put new stuff. My garage is overcrowded with useful things too though there are two bikes I never use which could probably go if I could bear to part with them.

It sounds like useful stuff though.
Not collecting just for the sake of it(Unlike some person in our house who isn’t me)

I don’t think I have. When I was moving from my house into my flat five years ago I had a rigorous clear-out. I don’t miss anything.
It also enabled me to furnish the apartment more generously. Isn’t it true that too much stuff only gets accumulated if there’s space for it?

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Every time we have moved Home we have got rid of a load of stuff, now we are quite good, the only thing that we have a lot of is Oil Paintings, which my Husband’s Dad did as a hobby, and my Husband won’t get rid of them.

Before we left England we had disposed of a ton of stuff.
Furniture and Kitchen items …Two beds our prescious Spanish Table and Chair…one of those tiled one with a painting on it…Came with us…
Washing machine as brand new. One two seater couch and One Chest of Drawers only.
Very typical to buy the furniture in the house your buying obviously if it suits.
The Removal Lorry was still full though.
Garden equipment, Tools, Amateur Radio Mast , Ladders. Basic White Crockery all the other was taken to the Charity Shop, Barbie Keels in Bexhill Town.
We have a spare room that is a dumping ground…say no more
oh …Two Cats in there new Cat Cages in the back of our car. Caravan on the back…and just thought…the Caravan Loo was packed with his Model Aeroplanes…

Wish somebody would come and help me with all mine.

Yes, in position of a substantial inventory, all of which has a monetary value. :grinning:

My wife and I lost so much so called stuff when lightning set our house ablaze, we decided to be far more selective when we set up home again. Now that said, since 1997, we have accumulated some more somewhat irrelevant possessions that it’s now about time we set to and had a clear out and take some items along to the Sally Army for them to either redistribute or sell onwards for their general funds.


Every one on here must know by now I have far too much ‘stuff’, but it’s all good ‘stuff’ & worth money too. :grinning: You could say, it’s my Daughters inheritance.

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I have stuff and its annoying because its useful and I don’t want to throw it away. Its all pretty tidy and organised, but I would still like less of it :frowning:


Have you told her to sell what she doesn’t want when you’re gone? My mum did but I’m still having trouble doing it, so many memories

Don’t worry, she will, she has a selling brain. :grinning:

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Good for her! I really must get my selling head on :grinning:

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Now that is my big dilemma. Almost every time I have a clear out of my ‘useful saved items’ I can bet the next week I have something to repair that needed something I had just got rid of.


My ‘stuff’ is not useful, it’s clutter but nice clutter. :grinning:

Not nearly so much as I was. When my mother passed away I had to clear her house myself, it took weeks. She was a real hoarder who never threw anything away…just incase :roll_eyes:
I even came across a trunk with bed linen inside she had been given as wedding presents, still in original wrappings with cards, It was falling to bits with age such a shame and it actually made me angry at her. She was married in 1942, so that’s how old it was. After I’d spent days going back and forth to both the Charity Shop and the Rubbish Tip I was exhausted, emotional, and I still had boxes of papers/letters ect to take home and go through. I swore to myself that I would never leave a mess like that for my kids to deal with and have taken my time and slowly gone through everything and got rid of such a lot of stuff I really didn’t need. I’ve given all my old vintage clocks to my son who adores them, and all my Royal Doulton stuff to my daughter. I’ve sold a heap of stuff as well. So they will not have a hard time when I go.



I am working my way through the storage unit at the moment, sortig it, some to auction, some sold online by the student next door whod is good eith facebook groups etc.

She gets 20% of the selling price, so we are both happy.

Some goes to charity shops and the rest to the recycling.

It is slow gut sure.