Strictly Come Dancing 2013 line-up

This year’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up has been announced!

[B]1. Mark Benton - actor

  1. Abbey Clancy - model

  2. Vanessa Feltz - Radio/TV host

  3. Ben Cohen - Rugby

  4. Sophie Ellis Bexter - Singer

  5. Fiona Fullerton - Actress

  6. Ashley Taylor Dawson - Actor

  7. Natalie Gumede - Ex Coronation Street

  8. Tony Jacklin - Golfer

  9. Deborah Meadon - Dragon’s Den

  10. Julien McDonald - Fashion Designer

  11. Dave Myers - Hairy Bikers

  12. Rachel Riley - Countdown

  13. Susannah Reid - BBC Newsreader

  14. Patrick Robinson - Casualty[/B]

… and yes, Brucie returns yet again with Tess Daly :mrgreen:

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Oh No - not Brucie again !

Wonder what the new professionals will be like ? :confused

They say Natalie Gumede has been trained as a dancer from the age of 3

It’s my favourite program of the year so, whatever happens, I’m looking forward to it.

There will probably some criticism if she does well - as happened with Denise Van Outen - she should have won !

I shall pay absolutely no attention to her then - only those that start off with two left feet and end up being able to dance are interesting imo and worthy of winning.

Vanessa Feltz :frowning: that woman would turn up to the opening of an envelope.

Oh Susannah, don’t do it !

That Mark Benton is quite a big guy (we know him from watching “Waterloo Road” and those Christmas programmes he did with Robson Green) lets hope he’s fit enough to do the dancing.

He’ll be good fun though as he’s a nice bloke. :wink:

I only know 6 of them but it will turn out to be good - it always is :slight_smile:

Who’s the duffer that Anton will get - perhaps Vanessa :-p

:lol::lol::lol: oh bless him - do you think maybe he’s not good enough to go to the finale or something? I like him anyway :smiley:

I only know a few of them too :confused:.
I don’t care for the hostess Tess whatever her name is, I find her very irritating likewise Bruce.
Two new presenter would be good :slight_smile:

Have to say that I agree with you Meg - I don’t get all the Brucie love and Tess always seems a bit ‘forced’ to me. I quite liked Claudia when she did it - she seemed at ease.

I’m disappointed two of my favourite professionals are out - Flavia and the other one (whose name I can’t remember :blush: ) has had an accident.

Wash your mouth out with soap ! :lol: My Anton would get to the final given a decent partner - just you watch when he gets the chance to dance with me ! :lol: (in my dreams !) :cry:

I prefer Claudia , I think Tess is like a silly schoolgirl …

Oh myrtle - how could I have doubted him :blush:

I think he should win an award for dancing with all those duffers but still being the most entertaining on there (with his humour - do you think that saying applies to him ‘if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry’?).

I’m not sure Claudia will do it again any time soon as quite a few people, apparently, wrote in to the BBC and said they preferred her to Tess; ouch!

Karen :slight_smile: Natalie Lowe is the professional who has fractured her foot during training … she is being replaced by Aliona Vilani.

That’s the one! She does tend to get the men that have two left feet (she must be the female version of Anton) - how many times has she been dropped, elbow in her face, headbutted, catapulted across the room! And still she smiles :smiley:

You’re right - he’s the perfect replacement for Brucie (can’t stand him) - whoops ! I’ll have to duck the bullets now ! :lol: And get rid of Tess Doollally and get Claudia or Zoe Ball OR even a cardboard cut-out would be better !!:lol::lol: