Strange unexplained light

Sometimes, when I have trouble sleeping, I get up, go downstairs and sleep on the sofa, I take my pillow with me and wear a dressing gown. Last night, something very weird happened.

I couldn’t sleep again, so decided to do my usual. I went to the loo first so there’s no way I was dreaming or anything like that. As I got half way down the stairs, I saw a bright flicker of light in the corner of the hall, just for a couple of seconds, like the light from a torch. Thinking that there must be someone in the house, I froze, listening for any sounds or any clue as to who or what it might be.

After a few minutes, I had worked out that the only direction it could be coming from was the kitchen (which has a glass door) and is normally locked, so I decided to storm the kitchen as quick a possible but there was no one there. All the windows were locked as was the back door. I then did a quick inspection of the rest of the house bit could not see anywhere the light could have come from.

I was wide awake for about two hours afterwards, listening for any unusual sounds but nothing happened. In the end I had to convince myself that I had imagined it so that I could get some sleep but I know I didn’t.

I still can’t work out what it was. it’s difficult to explain the layout of my house but there’s just nowhere it could have come from naturally like a car going by or lightning.

Really weird. :shock:

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Smoke alarm light? Secret movement sensor installed by the previous owners?

Murtagh - doing a midnight raid on the 'fridge?

There is a smoke alarm, with a light but it’s around the corner, no sensors from previous. I even thought Alexa might have stirred but again, the light would not have gone around the corner.

:-p that’s why I keep the kitchen door locked.

Murtagh was calm which (albeit following me around the house).

Aliens opening your fridge?

Has anyone else had anything like hat happen to them? I have to say, it is a first for me.

Is there a mirror nearby? I was thinking of a reflection from something.

Ha! You may jest but you know how our minds can work overtime in the dead of night, well I did consider aliens. :lol:

Not the fridge though, there’s not much in it.

No mirrors that could reflect onto that wall. :wink:

They may be back again tonight…

I know! :shock:

Here’s a picture of my stairs. the light appeared on the skirting board on the left, under the photographs. The adjacent door was shut as was the door ahead. There were no lights on.

Is that a glass/mirrored lightshade?

Glass crystal thingies yes, are you thinking that light could have reflected off it from outside the front door? that IS possible i suppose because the crystals would deflect any light. Mmm, you might be onto something there Knuckles. :wink:

the only thing I would add is that the light was moving whereas I doubt the light fitting was???

Imagination maybe?

Could well be Besoeker, I know sometimes we get those flashes in the corner of our eye. it was very bright though.

I might do some experiments tonight, see if I can recreate it. I will probably end up scaring the life out of myself. :lol::shock:

When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone

Put me in mind of this song!

You have the same light as me, LD :smiley: