Soundtracks of your life

This thread is for songs that really represent your life.

These can be songs that have resonated with you throughout the different phases of your life, songs that either remind you of or specifically speak to things you’ve been through, songs that you have loved throughout your life, and so on.

It’s a glimpse into your life.

if you would like to comment on a post, please mention the song/artist and do not reply to the post to keep the flow of videos nice and clean - thank you

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A whiter shade of pale Percy- interesting:-)

For the record: I don’t burn food and don’t care if someone looks better than me :wink:

Warning: Christian content

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A special song :slight_smile:

There are plenty of songs that reflect different areas in my life, but this one sums it up really. It motivates me on bad days :smiley:

Growing up in a household full of music my dad used to play this on a Sunday,then he’d put on Steppenwolf !!
Hence the reason I have such an eclectic taste in music…

Olly Anna : Write my Story

Love it PK - I’ve added this to my playlist- thanks:-)

Marty Robbins ~El Paso

That’s a lovely tune - precious memories

Having read The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico in the early 1970s, this has followed me ever since:

My late best friend Rosi and I spent every weekend up London Town concerts in the clubs.

100 Club and the Marquee 2 favourites and Streatham Ice Rink nearer where I lived in Croydon.

Been looking at my birth place just lately and it is really awful what has happened there over the years…Has always been really badly managed, but some memories will always stay as precious.Kennards and there wonderland arcade for adults and children a like…was to me and My Sister just Magical.
Kennards changed to Debenhams.

Well they managed to make Croydon a lot better to look at than what I have been viewing,. 2019 the Council was made Bankrupt…no idea how that works…

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Thought Love Was All We Needed…:008:

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The first single I bought:

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Side A, Track1 of the first album I bought…

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