Sounds That Rocked Your Boat

So many times in my life I have heard a song played on the radio and thought “wow great sound”. Would like to share them with you songs of yesteryear and songs that are still making me think today “wow great sound”.

Anyone else got an songs like that.?

Guess one of the very first must have been when I was still in the schoolyard.

The Bee Gees-
First of May

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Has a young un I never really knew what the difference was in music. I never put music into different categories there was only pop and Motown very limited I know.
There was also the old stuff that my sisters and brothers listened to… :slight_smile:
Then there was this fella who may have been about for a while before my time but boy could he knock out a tune.

Elvis Presley
An American Trilogy

An American Trilogy gives me shivers down my spine every time I listen to it … has to be my all time favourite. :slight_smile:

There are songs that although you hear them played fairly often, they come on and sound so fresh, as though hearing them for the first time …
One that comes to mind is ‘Its Not Unusual’ Tom Jones - hits me every time …

Early 70’s started building up my collection one of the first I bought was this one.

Neil Diamond
I Am I Said

I used to listen to all the pop music til I heard this.I then started getting picky. I still am.:cool:

I’ll go for the Bee Gees as well and would choose this one.

Loved The Mac thought Tusk was brilliant.
Stevie Nicks a woman to die for in her early days great voice.
Bumped into Mick Fleetwood once I was going into Turnbull and Asser in St James and he was coming out.
The fella is quite tall and I had to be careful not to strain my neck after looking up to him.
Big gob me had to say something and I asked him what’s the weather like up there Mick. His replied with a smile “Its very much similar to the stuff you are getting down below.”
I’ve met some snotty buggers on my travels and he wasn’t one of them.


Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys was the first song I thought how much I appreciated the content of the different instruments and sounds.

This one too. :slight_smile:

Santana Samba Pa Ti

The Beach Boys ! Yay - Fab ! :smiley:

I love music but if I had to choose one at any given time, it would most likely be See Emily Play, Pink Floyd

Nooooooo! “Shine on you crazy diamond” Wish You Were Here!

Better still:

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Twiz you posted Donovan
I saw Floyd in the same concert as Jimi Hendrix

Yes I know I posted Donovan, he is by far the best poet and songwriter ever!
I never really “got” Pink Floyd until I got older.

Oh,I saw Donovan in Windor, he had his wife and son on stage with him.

I saw him in Bristol singing about an “inter-galactic laxative” !

I think this is the greatest poet and songwriter,Leonard Cohen
I was there

carlos Santana …samba pat ti …music to die for…

Local chippy in Middlesbrough…
Fish patti…food to die for… :slight_smile:

Sorry basser couldn’t resist that one love Santana by the way.

Like BV it was See Emily Play by Pink Floyd, quite a life changing event for me, saw them on TOTP and it changed the way i thought about music opening up a vast world of sounds to explore.