Songs that make you cry

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Nice thread, Seeetie :slight_smile:
Here’s the song I had played at my wedding dance in 1998:

Crying my eyes out listening to that. I’ve never seen the lyrics on screen before. Damn that red wine tonight!

Oh gosh, it is nice to think of those we have lost.
I actually love listening to songs that make me cry, I think in some ways, it is good therapy. xxxx

Alfie Boe - Bring Him Home. Sorry, can’t post videos but you all know it.

Here you are, Eccles -

Tell Me There’s A Heaven…Chris Rea

Only listened to that once and that was enough. A real heartbreaker.

One of my wifes favorites was Jo Dolan singing The Twelfth Of Never. This was played at her funeral. It brings a lump to my throat when i listen to it.

This one too !!!

And this :

One of my late Mum’s favourite.