Song that brings tears to your eyes

First time I have ever heard this song

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This one makes me cry my eyes out, for a different reason.:lol:

sorry link not working

never heard… sorry link not working song … who sing’s it …

OMG, I cried a river over this one.

this song kills me every time i hear it … As its the same name as my old german sheapherd who died 7 years ago and never a day goes by with out me thinking of him

Can’t remember how to do video links so I’ll just say:

Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters

This song upsets me a lot.

“Tears in Heaven” By Eric clapton, written as a tribute to his 6yr old son Connor who fell to his death from an open apartment window.

Orbie, absolutely marvelous rendition (I think so anyway)

What’s wrong with this one? My favourite at the time, or was it Billy Ray Cyrus, mmmmm :smiley: Doesn’t make me cry though. :-p

Oh Joy, I’m not saying there’s something wrong with it, only that it is soooo bad, it makes me cry.

This is so beautiful that my eyes always well up. :cry:

Is this the one you wanted

Another vote for ‘Tears in Heaven’.

I vaguely remember Eric Clapton from my far distant younger days, but I heard the track on the car radio and bought his CD ‘Unplugged’. It’s not only the words (which are very poignant to me), but the beautiful guitar playing which make me well up.