Snitch and Ditch

Can the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ever rebuild relationship with RF or is their voluntary absence never going to change.

I thought you were talking about the Yorks at first!
I see now that you are talking about the Sussexes.

There’s too many Dukes and Duchesses!

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Andrew is also not helping the King by refusing to leave royal lodge.

Tittle Tattle maybe but might be an element of truth. Very sad for the children.

I agree - the article was just tittle tattle

Tittle tattle tale maybe but who cares anyway apart from the HRH’s
They deserve each other that pair.

Pair of bores .

Off with their heads!

Lady Colin Campbell.

During a discussion with Dan Wootton, Lady C said: "He’s not in a very good position legally in terms of preserving his position, especially in terms of custody of the children, but I don’t, I don’t know that it’s got to that stage yet.

“And you also have to be very careful what you believe, because anything coming from Montecito can very easily be a lie.”

Is Lady C still trying to make out she has inside knowledge of the RF - what a hoot she is!
She pretends to have close ties to the RF but she hasn’t - she knows no more about the private lives of the RF than you or me - it’s all just gossip and speculation.

She has such delusions of grandeur and has been having a high old time trading on the title of her ex-husband all these years.
What I thought particularly funny (and hypocritical) was when Lady C began a petition about Meghan and Harry giving up their Titles - while Lady Colin Campbell has been clinging on to her ex-husband’s title for nearly 50 years, even though they were only together for 9 months and have been divorced since 1975!

For her to caution people to be careful about believing lies, after some of the dodgy stuff she’s published in books makes me laugh - does anyone believe any of Lady C’s gossipy tales?! :rofl:

Hope that all the rumours are proved incorrect, not sure that the Duke would cope, emotionally fragile as I believe he is.


“Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.”

― Vironika Tugalev

He may be but he couldn’t care less about anyone else who may also be emotionally fragile without the privileged trappings of his life .

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Off with this thread…lock it , ignore them and maybe they’ll go away!

Seems the Duchess has other ideas, Chilliboot…

The Media must love Meghan and Harry - they never stop talking about them - they are the Clickbait gift that never stops giving! :rofl:

It wouldn’t surprise me.It doesn’t take much to get into the Oval Office these days.

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Is being nearly half the age of the the recent incumbents and candidates a help or a hindrance, I wonder?! :rofl:

Think about this…Harry would be wearing the title of First Gent… hmm.

It suits him( no pun intended).

Meghan is a such a cutie though.


If you say so :wink:

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