Snitch and Ditch

And Harry is such a booby .
She wouldn’t have looked twice at him if he were not a rich prince .

Hmm, sounds like you feel Harry isn’t worth a second look.

I quite like and admire his ability to depend on himself and not his family. Especially since they are all equally worthless.

In your dreams :wink:

folks need to stop “Egging” other folks on :icon_wink:

His father financed him until he was 38 still probably does.
He is immensely wealthy from inherited money how is that depending on himself ?

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You interpreted my statement about Harry in the wrong context. I wasn’t referring to money.
He depends on himself for reliability, self confidence, good judgment as to what’s right for himself and his immediate family (M and the children), and choices about his own lifestyle. Working with a spouse, building a home together for the children, loving and supportive. Closeness to your family is key.

That’s a small circle .
Both him and her have fathers .
Charles may not have been the best father but he had a brother and aunts and uncles who doted on him ,
Thomas Markle was an exemplary father gave his daughter everything .
So much for closeness

Napoleon II (Napoléon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte; 20 March 1811 – 22 July 1832) was the disputed Emperor of the French for a few weeks in 1815. The son of Emperor Napoleon I and Marie Louise of Austria, he had been Prince Imperial of France and King of Rome since birth. After the fall of his father, he lived the rest of his life in Vienna and was known in the Austrian court as Franz, Duke of Reichstadt for his adult life (from the German version of his second given name, along with a title he was granted by the Austrian emperor in 1818). He was posthumously given the nickname L’Aiglon (“the Eaglet”) after the popular Edmond Rostand play, L’Aiglon.

When Napoleon I tried to abdicate on 4 April 1814, he said that his son would rule as emperor. However, the coalition victors refused to acknowledge his son as successor, and Napoleon I was forced to abdicate unconditionally some days later. Although Napoleon II never actually ruled France, he was briefly the titular Emperor of the French after the second fall of his father. He lived most of his life in Vienna and died of tuberculosis at the age of 21

His cousin, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, founded the Second French Empire in 1852 and ruled as Emperor [Napoleon III].(Napoleon III - Wikipedia).