Smoking Dilemma

Sideways, alongside the cigar perhaps?

You mean easily led ashtray :mrgreen:

Pipe-smoking seems too much trouble to me. It looks to need constant attention to keep it going properly. Packing, tamping and frequently puffing furiously. Altogether a bit of a science.

I’d say if you want to relax while smoking, stick to what you do already when you are at home.



Dottling, scraping/reaming, furry pipe cleaners, bristly pipe cleaners, pipe stem oil… :roll:

Awesome Queeny…:044::044::044:

You could try replacing the rollups with the pipe, rather than smoking it as well as.
I have never been a smoker, but I’m led to believe pipe smokers inhale less smoke than cigarette smokers, so they are less damaging to health.

Some time ago whilst going through the process to adopt, I was invited to a talk where the prospective parents were given drug and addiction advice by a Police drugs officer. He had all sorts of mock-up drug samples and explained their respective addiction capability.

Apparently nicotine is more addictive than cocaine, and it only takes five cigarettes to become addicted.
It’s no wonder people have such trouble giving it up.

Well I gave up for many years then decided to start again when I noticed the fags were so cheap at the airport. I couldn’t give up a bargain so I bought 200 Royals on the way to Egypt. The first one was bloody horrible but I got through with determination and will power and smoked the lot. :cool:

I have given up since. :-p

Some of the comments have made me think a lot about stopping smoking. I don’t like thinking about stopping smoking, so would you all please stop it. :cool:

have you considered alcohol instead? :wink:

I’m always considering alcohol, but not instead. :smiley:

I have a good idea (it won’t be popular though!)
Take all your money out of your bank, take all the money you have in your wallet and around the house, put it on a bonfire and set light to it!
Job sorted, it sorts your problem and it takes you out of the minority group!! Welcome to the majority group!!!

Ha! I bet you hate people like me!! :lol::lol:

On the contrary, I like you, but I can’t say the same for your suggestion. :frowning:

It’s your life and your choices. Personally though I prefer pipe because I can’t smell a thing. Can’t stand cigarettes - they smell horrid. I’m a non smoker so it’s hell to kiss a smoker:-(

You sound like me … I miss having a vice so I’ve promised meself to start smoking again when I hit retirement.
Life is so banal and boring now.

I’m a non smoker Minx…:smiley: How about a snog?..:008::lol:

I do have a thing for garlic though…:confused: I hope this won’t get in the way of our friendship…:cool:

You might not see retirement if you keep smoking Morty…:frowning:

I don’t smoke now and don’t expect to see retirement anayway :lol:

Aaaah… poor babes. Did it keep you awake?
(Careful how you answer or your bum might catch fire ;-))

I found this, smacks of relaxation - makes me want to smoke a pipe :slight_smile:

An Example of Why I Smoke a Pipe: