Smoking Dilemma

During the day, when I’m at work, I use an e-cigarette, but absolutely refuse to refer to it as vaping. In the evening, when I’m at home, I smoke roll-ups. After I’ve eaten, I usually have a cigar. I’ve been thinking about taking up pipe smoking, but don’t know how I would manage to fit it in.

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Go cold turkey like I did and give up entirely. Not easy but worth it

I once stopped for nine months, but that was a long time ago. As I’ve got older, my appetite for cold turkey has diminished considerably. :frowning:

Oooh it’s years since I smelt pipe smoke and watched someone do ‘The Ritual’ of filling up the pipe and tamping the baccy down before the sucking and lighting. A couple of relatives smoked pipes and I found it fascinating.

Tell you what Haribo, upload a video of yourself (with smelly vision) doing ‘The Ritual’ and slowly and relaxingly having a puff. You could dedicate a day to that can’t you in the Christmas Hols perhaps? Or take a day off work :lol:

Or you could just stand next to a bonfire and inhale that instead, would that be better? :wink:

That sort of suggestion should not be put to one as easily led astray as I am, Pesta. :018:


If I could do it instead, it might be better, but I would more likely do it as well as, Mups. :frowning:

Damn and blast. Stamps foot. Spoilsport :019:


Can’t you think of anything else I shouldn’t do that’s not quite so bad for my health, Pesta? You’ve made me feel that I’m letting you down. :slight_smile:

Smoke all three at once, that should solve the time problem. :wink:

You are :frowning:



Actually, it’s four: E-cig, roll-ups, cigar and pipe. Perhaps I could adapt the inlet manifold from an old scrap car to make a device for the purpose. :023: :slight_smile:

Well if it’s any consolation, my conscience will probably keep me awake all night. :frowning:

I said it would solve your time problem, not my maths problem. :-p

Excellent! More smoking opportunities. :-p

When it comes to giving up smoking, everybody is different. Some go through the pain and go cold turkey. Others have to try all sorts of substitutes or treatments. It’s a very personal thing. It’s just a matter of finding the one that works. I gave up smoking at age 26 when I finished university. That was 42 years ago. I went cold turkey. I was lucky. It worked. But it is my humble opinion that actually smoking something else other than tobacco to quit it is not the way to go.

Filthy habit - give it up!

Took me about 3 years to get the need to have a smoke and stop even thinking about it

Yes RS that is pretty much was it was for me too. It’s around about the average I reckon…

It must be awful to be so addicted and so expensive too…i would try give it up if I were you Harbal, think of all the cash you would save and the health benefits.