Six Years on

Today is the anniversary of the Brexit result. I’ll always remember the look on David Dimbleby’s face when he announced the result through gritted teeth :lol:


The actual result announcement…

I saw Dimbleby live on the night of the Referendum. I sat and watched it all night in the snug downstairs.

When Dimbleby concluded the result, I woke Mrs Bread up and told her the news.

Another one well worth a watch.

Isn’t it funny …

I also stopped up all night and watched the initial Remain majority collapse bit by bit.

Hard to fathom that even after six years, some people still won’t accept the result.


They never will accept it, not because they want to be in the EU, but because they are either socialist or are narcissistic head bangers who can’t take no for an answer.

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Here is another one.

Farages last speech in the EU Parliament - note the ratio of press : MEPs

I’ve never before, or since, seen Dimbleby look like he’s sucking a really sour lemon. :rofl:


Disgusting snake oil salesman, he’s done so much harm to our country and deserves far more than booing. Vile. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Like what ?

What’s he done thats harmed out country ? If anything we should have walked away like he said.


Not only won’t accept it but still furious at the people who campaigned for it and voted for it :rofl:

A permanent divide in our population and the Brexiters have a lot to answer for!

Back in we need to go, and accepting it might delay that :muscle:t4:


Well, of course he announced it through gritted teeth. It was a terrible thing to do to our country which condemned us all to a lesser future. :cry:

He knew that, so he was hardly going to look pleased about it, was he? :woman_shrugging:

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But what is so bad about our economy etc since we left the EU ?

Absolutely NOT.

Mostly that The Fat Oaf and his shameful cabal haven’t completed our escape.

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That’s true.

I think the Brexiteers in the tory party are piling on the pressure now, I know the Reform Party are gaining traction.

You have got to be having a laugh.

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If bread seriously wants to know what is so bad about our economy etc. since we left the EU - read on.

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I stayed up late, had a few hours sleep and woke up to Dimbleby’s shocked and horrified face. Comedy Gold! :rofl::rofl:

Cameron, who got us into this mess in the first place. He gambled his future and lost, then couldn’t bugger off fast enough.

It was all wrong from the outset. I’m no remainer, but the way it was handled is an outrage: the PM giving us a vote to leave, something didn’t believe in. Zero effort on every side to even think about it before calling a referendum. Boris, the journalist used to write about bent bananas, but he was a remainer, who switched sides last minute with the top job in his sights. We deserve better, one career politician after another on the make.