Six Nations Rugby

England have lost their opening game to France 24-17. :cry:

Wonder if they’ll blame it on Brexit? :wink:

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Our First Brexit disaster.

Thats two in a row,someone told them they are better than they actually are,seems as if beating the All Blacks is the peak of this current lot.

Well done Wales,Ireland and France.

Yes l endorse that Rhosyn! Very poor show by England, they
played as if Theresa May had trained them?
Lets hope it gives them something to aim at!!

I think they lost because it was part of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. :smiley:

But did they have nice bums?

:mrgreen: And tight buns! :-p

Yayy, Ireland! :041:

I know this is about 6 nations but allow me to swerve just a little?..Still about rugby :slight_smile: My favourite code is AFL due mainly to my years living in Perth as a young fellow. But Rugby Union runs a close second. The Wallabies have been in a trough for a few years but now with a new coach with a different style and some new blood coming up I’m hoping that they can rise again. I’ve seen some great internationals over the years and with one new football stadium going up right now and Stadium Australia (Olympic stadium) going rectangular in Sydney I can’t wait for the World to come and give us some good scraps. Bring it on! :slight_smile: Plenty of nice bums down here Morticia. Come and visit!

It’s more three nations and three regions but anything is better than soccer.

Them’s fightin’ words on here Bruce. But I’ll stand with you to a point on that. I love the women’s football (soccer) game. They play hard and fair and give as much as the men. It seems to me that to the women the game is the most important thing, not their egos. Sam Kerr is an outstanding player and athlete and for mine just as important as Ash Barty, the Campbell sisters and Ellyse Perry. I can’t stand the men’s game. It’s so full of theatrics and BS. The sooking over a tap on the leg is ridiculous. They remind me of some of the tennis players and their tantrums. But the girls in soccer and rugby and AFL are fair dinkum and a lot braver.

I agree with that but I have always maintained that soccer is a girl’s game, they play it much better than the men and get bigger crowds.

I never objected to Women’s soccer on the ABC but it really annoys me that the ABC now shows an A League game. It just shows how popular soccer is by the fact that the ABC can afford to show it. The stands are empty.

England were appallingly bad on Sunday. Most of the failings could have been predicted:

*Saracens players suffering the emotional fall-out from’CapGate’

*Eddie Jones insistence in playing people in their wrong positions (Farrell, Curry to name but two)

*His equally wrongheaded insistence in playing people who just can’t cut it any more at international level - if they ever could! (Youngs, Ford, Marler, Joseph)

*His utter stupidity in doing his level best to motivate the opposition by talking about their inability to cope with England’s ‘brutal physicality’ - that one backfired big time!!

On a positive note England’s Red Roses Womens Team won a hard fought game against France to start off their 6 Nations. Well done guys!!

I’m a convert from soccer to rugby. When I was at school I was captain of the first XI soccer but it was in the era when “Hollywoods” became popular and I noticed that to be successful in both codes you had to be able to act! In soccer you had to be able to scream in pain when you hadn’t been touched and in rugby you had to pretend that you weren’t in agony!
I watch men’s rugby but of all I prefer to watch the Black Ferns and womens games.

I’ll second that bro. I’ll always be AFL first and foremost but I’ll also always love rugby. BUt men’s football?..nah mate. It’s just so full of cry babies it’s pitiful. I love the women’s game. Thjey don’t sook. They just get on with it. My following of men’s soccer died the day I saw a Saudi player spit on an Australian. And he didn’t get sent off.

Got my Welsh jersey on ready for kick off at 2.15 today.
Pob Lwc Cymru.
Good Luck Wales.

A sad result for Wales against Ireland.

On the plus side, a good win for England against Scotland in a scrappy game.

On the plus side another great win for Ireland! :041: :023:

Now, now Glanny. Let us not gloat. :wink:

Difficult to tell how much England had improved as the conditions made it all but impossible to play. Still - at least we won.