Show us your Christmas Trees

So I know its early but I decided to put my Tree up and brighten the place up a bit … also with snow being forecast tomorrow I thought it would look nice… so here it is

My Christmas Tree… hope to see yours soon :slight_smile:


That so cheerful looking Summer, and the position of the tree is perfect! :+1:

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nice one summer, we aren’t into them, we are usually away for xmas

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Beautiful, Summer. :+1:

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That’s a lovely one, I hope some more people post theirs, it’s fun to see.

A bit early yet for me but I’ll post a pic when it’s up :christmas_tree:

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Lovely summer!

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Lovely tree, Summer…a wee bit early for me though yet. I fling mine together about the 20th, and take it down on the 26th :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I always used to out my tree up on my birthday, which is just before Christmas, then take it down after my son’s birthday - which is on New Year’s Eve.
Dont know if i shall bother this year though, I really dont like those loft ladders. :frowning:

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Mine doesn’t go up until next week. Here is an old pic that I made nearly a decade ago. I don’t have such a complicated tree now, it is much smaller, has lights built in and takes only a few minutes to put up.


My decorations come put on Christmas Eve - and go away again on New Years Eve. Much as I love Christmas enough is enough.

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That’s lovely and cheerful Bruce

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Beautiful tree Summer - assume it’s not au naturelle?

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That is really pretty. Is the wine for you or for Santa?

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I only do the tree and those lights around the window. Each year I swear to never bother again and every year I do, Last year I was supposed to go to Canberra for Christmas but the borders closed so it was just me and my youngest son. This year everybody is coming to my place so my little tree and one string of lights will go up again next week.

The one thing I do have is a Christmas pudding made by a lady I know, it is already in the fridge and I will get brandy for it very soon. My kids love it but by the time we get to eat it everybody is full of prawns, chops and snags etc. The wonderful thing about having adult kids is that they do the barbie, set up the gazebos and tables, all I have to do is tell them where everything is, point and criticise. It’s an easy life being a grandparent.

My Christmas decorations usually come down before the New Year though one year, many decades ago, I finally took them down in May - not something I will ever repeat.


Ah that’s beautiful.

It looks so immaculately decorated summer. Did you do it yourself of was it ready decorated?

I’ve ditched my big one now - can’t be bothered with it as we had to move all the furniture round to accommodate it.

This is my little one from last year.


Thats a clever video Bruce…lovely tree :slight_smile:

No its not real Annie its a tree I’ve had for years…I roll it out every year.

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Santa can get his own wine tabs…actually its gin and tonic…I needed it after putting up the tree :slight_smile:

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That sounds a lovely Christmas Bruce…actually I’m going away with my family just for Xmas eve and Xmas day as my son booked us all a break in the Lakes so I’m looking forward to that…Happy Christmas hope you have a great time.

Lovely tree Carol…love the candles too :slight_smile:

I decorate the tree myself Carol…it takes.all afternoon :slight_smile: