Shoes people wear be it male/female

For trekkng or hiking over rough ground I normally use Grisoft make for this. the treads are like car tyres and ideal for this purpose they last for many years of hard use. For general use I started using sneakers by HI-TEC (blast lite) which are extremely comfortable and not over expensive as mens shoes go. Of course to keep the little tootsies warm indoors slippers.

Mens shoes have a very limited style compaired with ladies shoes where women have a fetish about what goes on their feet, even if wrong size and uncomfortable they will wear them to look good.How on earth they can walk with inches high heels beats me, but funny to watch as they totter along trying to keep balance

Like a pigeon.

All the nice girls wear DMs

Mrs d00d:


@realspeed I’m not into fashionable footwear and I choose comfort instead. When I buy my shoes, I always choose from Hotter’s selection.
Men’s Footwear | All Footwear For Men | Hotter UK

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I tried a pair once, took them back, not sturdy enough.

I’m currently attached to a pair of Sketchers wide fit. Look good with shorts or Levis. Light weight and extremely comfy.

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I like my Sketchers, or Merrell trainers. I have yet to find a decent pair of cherry red DM’s that don’t make me clump around like an angry person! They don’t make them like they used to :cry:

I have one pair of high heels but haven’t worn them for a couple of years. My feet appreciate that, I think!

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I’ve got a pair of DMs that just don’t feel right. After buying them I found they were made in China, they are genuine DMs from the DM shop.

Docs are being repped by people from all walks of life across the globe, which begs the question—where are they made, and how are the workers treated? Despite being manufactured in the UK for close to 50 years, in 2003 production was moved to China and Thailand to avoid bankruptcy



Ahh…well that’ll explain it then! :roll_eyes:


Aha! Nice pair on there, over 9,000 reviews. :+1:

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I’ve always found vibram soles pretty good for hiking. Had to search high and low online for replacement merrell hiking sandals. The main merrell distributor seems to be obsessed (as are so many) with horrid memory foam soles. I want something solid and substantial for hiking.

I used to have DMs at University. They were cheap and long lasting. At that time quite trendy for students.

I had some fabulous trezetta hiking boots for years. They fit perfectly and saw me up and down various mountains in all weathers. These days I rely on the backup pair of brashers purchased 20 or so years ago but hardly worn until recently. It’s not so easy to find the right hiking boots. Many manufacturers have left the market.

As for other shoes I have too many to comment. Clarks is a good brand and I have some silver sandals bought during lockdown that keep receiving complements. I also live in Emu/Ugg type boots in Autumn/winter months. I don’t care if they are no longer trendy.

Flip flops in the house all year round. Was delighted to discover ÂŁ2 flip flops in a wide range of patterns / styles at Primark earlier this year.

I’m going to be dusting off my hiking boots. I haven’t walked much lately but I think I need to start the woodland treks again. This is them…


They look comfy!

I love those boots, very cosy, although none at present. I do have a pair of Bear Paw which are years old and getting a little bit worn now. :frowning:

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I have a huge amount of footwear …here are my 3 favorites…Wellies

Sandals and Suede Boots…the suede ones are Fur Lined and an expensive make but mine from a Charity Shop, Bargain a fiver…

I have a pair of smart leather shoes for wearing with my suit at weddings and funerals. All other times it is Merrell trainers.

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They are but I can still get small stones in them even though they are fairly high sided.

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I thought they only wore high heels to make their bum look good?

I wear these a lot of the time.

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You can walk for miles in proper shoes, but, its nice to come home to.

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