Self cleaning pyjamas

No-wash pyjamas - yes really!

There is a new health-tech company who have designed some His and Hers pyjamas which don’t need to be washed!
They are infused with anti-bac copper ions which make them self cleaning!

They are supposed to be able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and you can wear them for weeks on end. :shock:

So what do you think about this new idea? Would you buy them?
What next - no-wash bedding, and undies??

See here:

Personally, I cant see why. How hard is it to stick your jim-jams in the wash? What would wearing copper next to your skin every night do?

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Odour resistant fabric isn’t manufactured for the supreme lazy, nor is it made to never be washed. It’s made for those with medical conditions which cause body odour like;

⁃	Bromhidrosis 
    -       Athletes Foot 
⁃	Hyperhidrosis 
⁃	Diabetes 
⁃	Thyroid disorders 
⁃	Kidney failure 
⁃	Liver dysfunction 
⁃	Metabolic disorders like trimethylaminuria or TMUA
⁃	Hormone imbalances 

Fabrics like this help those with any of these disorders and anything which helps others feel more confident and better about themselves, I’m game for.
Great article Mups.
Thanks for posting it.

I’d never heard of it before, Bratti.

The article I read didn’t say it was anything to do with odour reducing for illness though, I thought it was just for cleanliness without washing.

Maybe all hospital bedding will be made like that one day if the copper kills viruses?

P.s. sorry, I don’t think the link i posted works?

Do they get rid of skid marks too? :lol:

Ah, try this one:

I think there is nothing nicer than freshly washed, line dried, clothing and bedding - so, no, I would not buy them, Mups, but it is an interesting concept.

Copper clothing? we might all go rusty Mups :slight_smile:

I don’t think I would like to wear these…copper clothing? Plus the prices…nearly £60 for a pack of 5 knickers?? :shock:

No thanks. No matter how valid the claims are, no matter how much evidence there is that they work, I would simply not feel clean wearing something next to my skin for weeks on end without washing.

Ew no thank you :-).

I wear pima cotton nighties , they are ‘breathable’ and I love a freshly washed and ironed one smelling of fresh air .

No, I think I’d still want to wash them as I’d feel dirty not washing them then keep putting them back on

Worse than that summer, we could all turn green and appear mouldy as copper turns green with exposure to the air (oxidisation)! :wink: :slight_smile:

There’s always one who has to lower the tone of the discussion, guaranteed! :wink: :slight_smile: :lol:

Copper pyjamas make me think of the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz! :smiley:

Trust you to lower the tone Judsy! :lol:

Could you men possibly stick to the subject please?
Mucky lot!

I agree with most of the others about this, I wouldn’t buy them either.
And incase you were thinking of getting me some for a pressy - no thanks, save your money. :smiley:

[quote=“Mups, post: 2100959”]
[FONT=“Arial Black”][SIZE=“3”]Could you men possibly stick to the subject please?[/SIZE][/FONT]
Mucky lot!

OOH Mups what a suggestion, that could turn messy

I prefer to use bamboo. It’s anti bacterial and anti fungal and so is merino wool. I choose merino wool for shoes and boots. I can wash them too.

Noooo. That’s why we have wimmin. :-p:-p

I would never go to bed with anything copper, I sleep au naturel. Mind you I did used to like that Pepper Anderson in Police Woman. :lol: