Security tags, how can you remove a security tag from a bottle?

does anyone know how to get a security tag off a bottle, I got an Asda delivery today ,there was a bottle of malt whisky in it and when I opened the box, the security tag was still on, by this time the driver had gone, but I remember from weeks ago the driver asked me to check the bottle to make sure the tag was removed, he said he always carries something with him to do just that, as it happens often…

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Is it one of these Paula:

I would probably be inclined to phone them - them might send the driver back round :lol:

No …I had a look at that on YouTube it’s a round white plastic disc with wire round the neck of the bottle

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Might be worth taking a pic and posting it Paula (tho I would still ring them… you never know they may just refund you for it or give you some idea of how to get it off?)

How frustrating

Get the driver back quick :tired_face:

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I’ve taken a picture, and I’m trying to get it on here…but not too good at that…

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Paula, Ask a shoplifter. They will know! Ha!

Seriously, l would contact the supermarket and tell them you needed it for a celebration tonight, now you’re devastated as you can’t celebrate!

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Just drag the image into the post reply box Paula :003:

Art…I don’t know how they managed to get it out the supermarket with the tag on…not much good

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Paula, That’s a good point! Someone should be sacked for their incompetence! (Only joking)

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I think I would have resorted to some drastic method by now.

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So its there for security, would not pickers for home delivery not go through the same system to have it removed , got to be open to lots of pilfering if not.

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I’m so proud of myself for being able to post that photo…yeh
I only bought the whisky because there was £10 off…I have a few stashed away, so I might wait for my next asda order which will be next week , and ask the driver to take it off for me…I’ve still got the proof of my order on the computer…Thanks for your replies


Glenlivet nice. Looking at the picture a twist with a pliers might do it.

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S i don’t like whisky, but O H son and sons in law do …if the worse happens, if I remember rightly you can still get the cork off with the tag still on

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Yes exactly, why bother with security tags if they don’t always work…

Mmmm mmmm whiskey and ice and a dash of lemonade .

At a guess I would say the security tag is there to activate an alarm system on the way out of the supermarket without paying! :astonished:

A pair of sharp wire cutters should solve the problem, or if you are desperate to get to the whisky
(you have withdrawal shakes) then drill the centre of the cork and pour through there!

The Drunk Smiley Smiley

Looking at that pic, you can still get the cork out of the bottle with the tag in situ and then pour the contents into a decanter of some sort if you have one.