Seats on Shearing coaches

Hi. Has anyone here been on a Shearings holiday recently, and can tell me about the front seat? I have been allocated modest board no. 1 and fear it won’t give me enough room. If it’s a solid board that is it, game over. I spoke to someone in the company and she seems to think it may have a bit of room at the bottom for the feet, but I’m not so sure.

Also, I have a 5.40am pick up. Worried I can’t cope ‘toilet’ wise. If I cancel now, I lose 70% of the holiday.

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Are you paying exactly the same as everyone else Jazzi or are they offering you a discount?

I looked here and it says Modesty board seats have slightly less legroom and may not have footrests. If you’re paying the same as everyone else you might want to get in touch with citizens advice and ask whether you can claim a full refund? \

How long is the trip? I’d probably not be happy either if I was paying the same as everyone else tbh - can’t they give those seats to children instead?

ask them to change your seat Jazzi ,Tell them you are not happy with a front seat as you will throw up being so close to the front , and Most Coaches have Toilets on board usually to the middle so if you need the toilet a lot ,maybe get one close to the middle …

What a flaming cheek, I’m getting angry for you here! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: They’re lucky it’s not me in the phone to them!

If you’ve paid the same price as everyone else, you’re entitled to equal comfort

Are you travelling alone? My friend, who is a widow, often tells me she gets shoved into the worst seats and hotel room

Phone them up, tell them you only booked on the promise of a comfortable seat with leg room as promised in their adverts and ask for a different seat, as you paid full price

If they say no, rant some more and demand a full refund for your cancellation

Get the name of who you spoke to and ask to speak to their manager, and the customer service manager. Rant again

Warn them that if they don’t comply, you’ll take legal action, and will shame them all over social media, including all the pensioner groups you belong to and the newspapers

Say you will expose them for discriminating against single women travellers and intend to take it up with your MP

Follow that up with an email and a letter saying the same thing, copy AgeUK, your MP, Citizens advice and anyone else you can think of

Send emails/letters to your MP and councillors and local papers and copy their customer services in

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, put your complaint in their comments, or get someone else to do it for you. Then get all your friends to join in

Don’t let them get away with it, it’s not right, those seats should be cheaper, they are bang out of order and are taking advantage of you.


Sometimes you’ve got to be a Karen!

Thanks for your replies.

The only discount I am getting is there is no single room supplement (this was on selected holidays). And yes I did phone and was told the coach is full, so cannot change the seat.

The 5.40am departure worries me toilet wise. There is a stop maybe an hour away, for collection (Thickthorn services), but if the second leg is one of their coaches we can use any seat.

Going from Lowestoft to Thickthorn (Norwich), on to Rugby, for the coach with the allocated mod board seat, then to Whitby.

I looked into the idea of going by train, at a more reasonable hour, but as someone warned me on FB, what about cancellations, or delays.

And though it was suggested I could sleep on the coach, not sure about that if it’s slightly uncomfortable. What a dilemma! And no, I had absolutely no idea they would suggest such an early time.

Maree, don’t get upset! And there is no point me going down that route of complaint.

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I’ve not travelled by shearings …however I have been on locks and glens coach holidays .

The front seat being highly prized, if shearing can’t help I’m sure once onboard one of the passengers would be willing to swap seats with you.

As long as you’re sure because I’m still hopping mad! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I thought the front seat on a coach was the one everybody wanted, because you get the best view and are first off.

I am missing something here.

No Bruce, you’re not missing anything.

I have posted on Chit Chat this morning, with my thoughts now on this.

I looked at their site and it says for a small supplement you can book 1st or 2nd row seats .So have you?
aYou must get in touch with them to say you don’t want that seat ,it’s not suitable . If you didn’t request it and they just gave it to you they’re out of order surely if they won’t change it ?
Ask to speak to Head Office if you get any aggro.

When I phone to cancel, and it is when, not if, I shall ask for a better refund because of the seat allocation and the time of pick up.

I just watch bus and coach activity on youtube from my sofa, guess I am a Coach Potato!

I used to go with Shearings on a regular basis, until they went bust a few years ago. Since their resurrection, prices have doubled, no doubt in order to pay the creditors, and to test the market of staycation people. You even had free drinks vouchers previously on some trips, but sadly them days are long gone. When I look at their latest offerings, with eyewatering prices, one tends to give them a very large swerve, As for front seats, a charge of £10 used to be levied on these, not sure if that’s still the case. I used to pick seats near the back of the coach, namely because you had more options to spread yourself out with empty seats. The only problem with that, was it took ages to get off the coach with the people in front faffing about getting off. Even other coach companies are very expensive, so that unfortunately, is the end of my coach holiday travails! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’ve done many trips with Shearings and never had a pick up so early in the morning. And that was from London. Can’t understand this one.