Scexit - is it a thing?

I was just wondering whether anyone had come up with a name for Scotland’s vote for independence - and it looks like they have, Scexit! :lol:

Are people using it in Scotland as commonly as people were using the therm Brexit?

If you like in Scotland, do you like/dislike the term?

… saw the title, thought the thread was going to be those poor brexiteers gone sceptical.


A term already in use on certain science media.

I saw the title and thought it was a link to a naughty website :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve watched most of those websites, but not the one you’re referring to. Has it a speciality?

Wishfull thinking there

Yes, wet lettuce and a rolled up copy of the radio times….

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Scexit …yeah very catchy :wink:.

Doesn’t hurt a campaign to have a catchy name that may or may not be associated with one of Primus’ specialist websites…:rofl:

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I thought the portmanteau word “Brexit” was ugly enough - “Scexit” sounds even uglier!
For some reason, it conjures up an image of an unsightly skin infection, like scabies - :nauseated_face:

I suppose if you pronounce it with a soft “c” it sexes it up a bit. :wink: - although that still sounds nauseating, in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink manner! :face_vomiting:

I think I’ll stick to calling it Scottish Independence! :joy:


Scouttahere has a nice ring to it.


If another indyref says Aye, we could have Sindy

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How about Scotxit? :rofl:
And Waxit for Wales. :joy:

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It does sound like some medical term for a rather nasty skin condition


The Welsh ballot paper…

Wax on…:heart_decoration:
Wax off…:heart_decoration:

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Never heard it called anything other than Indyref 2 in Scotland.

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