Scaremongering People.... ‘You’ve Got Covid’!

I was at a funeral of a friend last Friday and the church was packed.
Before the service had begun, my brother in law, gave me a Eucalyptus sweet.
The service began and l had a fit of coughing, you know that sort of cough, the more you try to stifle it, the more you cough. Next thing, the lady in front of me started to cough!

At the wake, l saw the lady that was coughing and jokingly said, l hoped it wasn’t my coughing that started her off?

‘You’ve got a Covid cough’ she replied.
I said, ‘l haven’t, it was a tickle after eating a Eucalyptus sweet’.
‘I’ve had Covid and that’s the cough, l had’, she retorted.

I felt sure l hadn’t got Covid, I had absolutely no other symptoms of any sort. I’d had my two Pfizer vaccinations, (l know they haven’t protected everyone) but she put the seed into my mind… that l might have it.

My daughter dropped off a Covid test. I didn’t know what to do with it, so she sent me a video giving me a step by step instruction.

Good Grief, what a task that was, l was heaving and retching all over the place, l thought the stick that was so far up my nose would come out of my eye!
Anyway, l put it in the tester, waited 30 minutes and it was negative.

In the meantime, another Covid test came in the post that my other daughter had ordered for me online.

I decided to do that one as well as it is supposed to be more accurate.
So after another heaving, retching and nose job. I completed it and it was sent off.

Later, one of my daughters said, ‘Did you register it?’
‘Aye what… errmm, no l didn’t. I thought my details and barcode would indicate who had sent it’.

Luckily, l had taken a pic of the box and the Royal Mail tracking details before l posted it! I found my ID number on the front of the booklet.
I await the results.

I feel confident, that l am fine and the woman was just pointing out her symptoms.
But the palaver you have to go through, doing the test is not what l envisaged at all!

Did anyone else have the same trouble?

NB. I have requested that they send me an antibody home test kit as well… that should be fun!!

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If I took umbrage every time somebody reckoned my almost persistent asthmatic cough sounded like a C-19 type event, I’d be permanently locked up indoors shielding.
I lived through my actual C-19 infection during March '20 and survive to tell the tale, so all those doom merchants can go and take a long run off a short pier. My wife survived too and she shares my opinion👍


@Artangel commiserations with the coughing Art .
I don’t go far these days but when I do I wear a mask .
Having asthma I cough a lot if I don’t I wheeze and the mask adds to my need to cough. Wherever I go I get suspicious looks and usually get in first by saying ‘‘It’s not Covid I have asthma’’ .
One good thing about the coughing is it stops people getting close to me.

What on earth is a Covid vest :icon_confused: it sounds like a
used to calm anxious dogs… :laughing:


…Art is this a Covid vest :smiley:
My goodness with one of those and my cough no one would come within a mile of me :slightly_smiling_face: I must get one for when I walk Chloe and getting rid of irritating neighbours who want to stop and chat about why she wears a boot :icon_cool:


LongDriver, These day’s, l dare not cough at all and try to stifle it until l am out of a human’s earshot!

Meg, When you mentioned a Covid vest, l had to look back in my opening post to see if l had spelt ‘test’ in error! So it’s a good job you added the link! :laughing:

I was wearing a mask in the church and l think because it was a new one, the sharp intake of breath didn’t help matters!!
I also have asthma, so at times my cough can be a bit gruff! I find myself saying the same… ‘Don’t worry, l haven’t got Covid’!

A couple of weeks ago when my daughter in law Paula went down with covid, I decided to do a test as I had been in close contact with her the day before.
I called at the chemist & asked for a covid testing kit & they handed me one. I think there are five tests in it altogether.

Same as Art I hadn’t the foggiest what to do with it but after reading the instructions twice & following them very carefully I managed to do it.

Not a pleasant experience at all. I was retching as I stroked the stick three times round my tonsils & found it quite painful pushing it to the top of my nose.

I was a bit tense waiting the thirty minutes to see if I’d got it - thinking all sorts of things as I have a condition of the immune system (PMR) that makes me vulnerable.

Thankfully it was negative. :slightly_smiling_face:


Carol, l think it’s because you want to do everything correctly and exactly right you feel a bit anxious that you won’t do it right.
After doing the first one, the next one is a doddle.
I feel quite sorry, for schoolchildren having to do them regularly as it’s not a comfortable procedure…and all that heaving and retching!

I am pleased you had a negative result.

Thanks Art - yes the next one should be a doddle! :blush:

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Art I think we are all a bit sensitive about catching Covid but don’t worry about what other people say.
The other day I tasted the meal I was cooking and thought it wasn’t as tasty as normal, so I added more seasoning… then stupidly thought “Have I got Covid and am losing my sense of taste?” :rofl:
I am fine, but it will take us all a while before we get back to normal after this pandemic!

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Twink, Yes, the last 18 months or so has made us more nervous of every little sign that may be a symptom of Covid.
I feel sure, l haven’t got it as l haven’t had a high temperature and l haven’t lost my sense of taste, or smell.

I know the lady put the seed in my mind but then l thought, what if l did have it and l was going around infecting people who may have not had a good immune system.
So this is why, l thought it best to do the test.

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Carol, l’ve heard and l don’t know if it’s right but they are bring out a test that you don’t have to put that stick on your tonsils.

That’s good for the people who have to do it twice a week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a permanent cough following an operation which varies between persistent & loud barking and intermittent spluttering, so you can imagine how I’ve been feeling since the pandemic started.

It has advantages too though.
I can clear a busy supermarket aisle in seconds.
:rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Oh, Zaphod, l shouldn’t laugh but that was funny you saying you clear a supermarket aisle!
Next, you will be getting invites, with that cough, to protect their properties! :laughing:


I was laughing also, we need somebody to clear the Isles here, it is like fighting through a footy crowd, just to get to the shelves for much wanted grub.
trolleys are abandoned…one of these days I just might feel brave enough to take a photo or two of these ‘‘Social Occasions’’…


Dianne, Just press the fire alarm. They will soon move… PDQ!! :laughing:


Serious hat on…
When 2 of my kids caught Covid19 they both felt a guilt as both were working with the Public. TwinSon a Bus Driver 10 months now away from Work and Twin Daughter who had a mild case…Since her double Mastectomy, she gave up Hairdressing and plumped for a new Career as A Carer . So she felt bad because of the obvious risks to the Elderly, might get sick from her,… they are called ‘clients’ for some reason…
…she was in a right old state about it.


Not really fancying, a few nights in a cell…let alone it would be a French Cell…


Your a bright spark … :bell: :thinking: : :policeman: