Save Money when you have a Smart Meter

If you have a smart meter this might save you money.

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The folks over here, who like “Tech” and flashing lights, have all this to come.:lol::lol:

And a couple of bats for good measure.:lol:

Not in this house, Spitfire !

Well done You. What if you loved a New House, or Retirement Property, and these devices were already fitted ??

I would never buy a property with a smart (spy) meter in it !

What if circumstance meant, you had to rent a room, in a property, fitted with them ?

OK - worst case scenario - would foster the cats somewhere safe - and find a very large cardboard box!

My shower has those. :lol:

I hope it’s not “spying” on you.:lol::lol:

Smart meter what a phaff !
If you just use the energy you need you don’t need a winking blinking meter. Eventually I found the perfect place for it back in its box and into the bits pieces an thingamabob drawer .

Another thing about these things, they say “Have a FREE smart meter”, then increase all their prices and tariffs to cover the cost of installing the darn things!

Those of us who haven’t got one - and don’t want one - will still have to pay these increases to cover the cost for those that had one fitted!

We refuse to have a Smart meter every time we are asked, they should know the answer they’ll get by now! :twisted:

ya a pretty smart meter maid heh??

The same for us.

There’s a firm called Lowrie Beck, that keep texting me about making an appointment to have a smart meter installed. I ignored them all. A couple of days ago, a guy from that firm, with an american accent, asked me when I wanted the meter. “No thank you” “Can you give me a reason why sir?” " I don’t want the damn thing!!" End of chat. Just a couple of minutes ago, we saw a couple of their vans whizzing by. Felt like chucking myself under one!! :-(:-(:frowning:

Just heard on the radio that some of the large energy companies are going to be offering low tariffs but only for those who have a smart meter installed :twisted:

This is I think the thin edge of the wedge , once most people have a smart meter installed the energy companies will be able to manipulate prices and charge more at busy times of the day.

I warned of this months ago in other Smart Meter threads.

It’s up to people to stand firm and reject Smart Meters because if they don’t they WILL see their energy bills double or triple.

If enough people are stupid enough to have these divisive meters then the energy companies will try and penalise those without them. How it will work is simple. They will put dissenters on a special tariff called “Unmetered” or something similar. They will charge top rate for it and do so on the basis that they can’t tell how much energy you are using so they will assume it’s far more than you are using.

It’s simple bully boy tactics.

At this point you walk away from that energy company, and go to one of the remaining ones that doesn’t mind you having an old style meter.

There exists a great opportunity for the lesser energy companies to clean up here, to poach all the customers from the mainstream companies. All they have to do is stay away from the coming “Variable rate Energy Tariffs” and they will win big time.

For those new to all this who think Smart Meters are cute and cuddly as portrayed by the carefully crafted “Get Lecky and Gaz Under Control” adverts, I’m sorry to tell you it’s all a huge con and a forerunner to YOUR energy bills doubling or tripling.

Smart Meters are coming for one reason and one reason only. To allow energy companies to start charging DIFFERENT RATES for energy use at DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY.

Understand then that where you currently pay a simple rate for the number of energy units used over a quarter period, as displayed by your meter, that WILL NO LONGER APPLY.

Your energy company will split the day up into 3,4 or more sections and then charge you different rates for energy usage in each period.

Can you guess which part of the day is going to be charged at the highest, most exorbitant rate?

Yep, early to late evening, the time when you’re going to use more energy, making cups of tea with the kettle, cooking dinner, watching TV, using your lights and so on.

When you’re asleep at night, not using energy, that’ll be the cheap rate.

People absolutely WILL see their energy bills double or treble as a result of this switch to variable rate billing. It’s been proven in other countries where Smart Meters and variable billing have been implemented. There has been very fierce opposition in the USA to these meters. Google it and watch some of the YouTube clips.

The Smart Meter is just a device which enables these greedy companies to spy on your energy usage every minute of the day and thereby determine how much you used in each different period.

[size=3]DO NOT ACCEPT A SMART METER ![/size]

and tell all your friends what is coming so they will know to avoid them too.

There are many other issues with Smart Meters. The damage to your health from their almost constant high power telecoms signals (like a mobile phone mast on your house) and the danger to your privacy.

Read all about it here:

This might be of interest, it sounds like a good idea and save a lot of hassle for some of us. I might give it a try once the kinks if any are ironed out

had a phone call today about getting a smart meter for gas/electric. Said don’t want it. When asked why I said the boss “er indoors” has said no and no way will I argue with her.

Made the female caller smile and she said "I don’t know how to put that on the check form I have "