Sarah Everard

As a policeman with previous experience guarding a nuclear facility… I wonder if they have tested for anything like that.

Anymore excuses for a murderer ?

Every murderer has a story Muddy. At the moment this guy has been accused but not tried so we can only speculate as to the why’s and wherefores.

Nobody is blaming the victim. I’m not sure why you are reading that into my comments. I’m speculating as to the motives of this suspect. That’s all.

Not interested in his story .
I am only interested in justice for the life he has taken .

Why do men sexually assault women?
Because they can.
if men wish to impose their will they are physically able to do so add a police uniform into the equation and it gives them power.
The power to impose sex and violence on women .
Once a man has violently violated a woman he has to kill her .
There is no going back .

We are all assuming that he did it…
The police will be gathering evidence to prove his guilt.
As Muddy said earlier…Innocent until proved guilty…The media works the other way round though…Guilty until proved innocent, but by that time everyone has had him hung drawn and quartered.
There have been many innocent people charged with a crime they did not commit. Some are released, and some are wrongly sent to prison.

Even if he’s innocent Muddy…?

He’s not innocent .
He was seen on CCTV camera with her how do you think they caught him so quickly ?
How do you think they knew where to look for her body so near his old home ?
Why do you think he is trying to brain himself ?
Nope this man is not innocent .
An innocent man would have gone home to his wife and children at the end of his shift he didn’t he went out looking.
There was no reason for him to be on this street he went out looking for a women and found one.

The police are not all shining examples of moral integrity.

Here we have another case of police violence during which the police fudged and vacillated over the assault despite the victim a woman reporting it within hours.They stick together like the proverbial on a blanket .

PC's curfew sentence for 'terrifying' attack on woman criticised - BBC News

That was a truly shocking example of “ punishment” by the court .
However “In a statement, West Midlands Police said Banfield, of Bidford-on-Avon, had been suspended from duty and would now face charges of gross misconduct”

Let’s hope he’s dismissed from the force and women steer clear of him, parents and family ashamed of his drunken attack.
I’m all for pressing home the need for all mothers to educate their adolescent sons that this kind of behaviour against the opposite sex is deplorable .

The Metropolitan Police doesn’t have a good track record .

you would think that the human race would have improved somewhat over all this time or is it that some hormonally charged men just cant control themselves and some hormonally charged women can’t either [not suggesting anything regarding this case but in general]

and this thread seems to do the same thing in places?

This is such a distressing case and if there is ever one for the return of CP it’s this one .
This monster could not even leave her parents her body he burnt it .

He will be sentenced this morning .

I belive that Cressida Dick should resign over this .
The police knew this man was a danger to women , he had exposed himself to woman yet was not suspended . His own colleagues called him the rapist .

All these red flags ignored .

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I didnt know this Muddy, I did hear of a flashing but only the once . I’m shocked .

Poor little girl and her family . Awful awful.

Life in prison for this inhuman man

The country now has to support this monster for the rest of his days .

Tomorrow is a year.

Sarah Everard murder: Timeline of key events one year after her abduction, rape and death (