Sarah Everard

I am terribly afraid they have found this poor girl .

Looks as though the killer has been captured as well. Horrible.

Yes, very sad.

Are we allowed to discuss an ongoing investigation?

Since l heard Sarah had been reported missing, l felt so sick and l couldn’t get her out of my mind.

Me neither Art .
It’s on the BBC news so it’s in the public domain .
They have arrested a serving policeman .

We can discuss,it’s not subjudice .
Why did she walk across Clapham Common , or so it seems ,in the dark ?

Muddy, Her poor parents and family.

I wonder how they found him so quickly? CTV?

I know those poor people .

He was arrested a day or so ago they must have suspected him.

She was seen on CCTV camera after Clapham Common

A woman at the same address as the man was arrested too ?
How was this young woman taken to Kent ?
Very distressing .

Cressida Dick has made an announcement

Just goes to show (at the moment) institutions are sacrosanct, not the folks within them, a sad state of affairs.

There are good and bad in all walks of life Spitty…

I know OGF, nothing changes, the Snowflakes and the Woke’s need to realise this.

So terribly sad. I felt sick to my stomach when I heard the news earlier. That poor family, how will they ever come to terms with this.

Such sad news, I feel so sorry for the parents, they will never get over this. :cry:

I don’t know how you ever get out of bed again after something like this has happened to your child.

It’s a sad part of a girl’s education that they can trust no one and they must always be wary.

If you are reading this, I hope every child, teen, and woman in your life has a signal word (not a pet’s name) so if anyone ever offers them help, offers to pick them up, or asks them to go somewhere that they have to utter this word. Exactly six people on the planet know our family signal word. We don’t kid about it, we never change it, and we never utter beyond the once-a-year reminder.

A terrible outcome and so sad :frowning:

We do not yet know the circumstances of this poor woman’s death but yet a again ‘overkill’ by some in the media with strident voices declaring ‘More money needs to be spent on educating women about the dangers of men and to teach men to respect women and that their should be no violence against women’ the latter stating the obvious.

it doesn’t matter how much you ‘teach’ men and scare women into thinking every man is a potential killer, women and girls will still be murdered by a small number of men.

By all means educate girls about taking measures to protect themselves but the yelling of strident voiced feminists helps no one.

What a great thing to have.

Yes, We have had a secret signal word for years now. It is an unforgettable word that only my family would know.