Sad day!

Our 47kg Rotti/Huntaway cross Chum, at 13 years old, has made it to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Chum was the most gentle giant I have ever met. He always was careful when playing with our other little critters. He didn’t even finish their dinner if they wandered off. We are all going to miss him.

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Hey bro. So sorry to hear of your loss. He sounds like he was a cool dude. YOu love them so much. In time you adjust to losing them. But you never ever forget them. They are with you forever…

Aww, Ciderman, hhat a fine boy! You have my heartfelt condolences. There is no joy like have a dog like Chum, and no loss that hurts more. I am so sorry, but also glad you had him for many wonderful years.

His little friend Rosie is looking for him everywhere. I wish I could explain to her.

We are trying to explain what has happened to his little buddy Rosie, who has been looking everywhere for him. We had Chum for 11 years after he had a traumatic childhood with a nasty human before he was relocated to the SPCA. We called in there when we were looking for a replacement dog who had recently died of old age. They said it was hard to rehome him as he was too big for most people. We took him home for a couple of days on trial, and he was a good boy but he was too big, so we took him back to the SPCA and as we went back to the car he appeared at the SPCA fence, stared at us with his head on one side and his tail slowly wagging. So, of course, we went back for him! :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear that cidermsn I used to have a Rottie such a good dog.

I’m so sorry for your loss Ciderman.
It’s so difficult losing our four legged best friends but they stay
in our hearts forever.
I hope your heart heals with some time

My condolences CM, a sad day indeed.

I’m so sorry Ciderman for you and your family and little Rosie too…its heartbreaking losing a beloved pet x

Sad news, Ciderman, he looks a beautiful dog.

So sorry to hear of your loss Ciderman.

Sorry for your loss, Ciderman. I remember when we had our poodle put to sleep, our Alsatian cross (with Labrador) cried and started barking while we were out, causing our neighbour to mention it. He suffered her loss dreadfully.

And as for when he himself had to be pts. Oh my God, my poor mum, who had lived the spring and summer with him at their new caravan. She felt it more than Dad and me, I think. We had moved to a park home and he wasn’t allowed there. But by the end of summer he had gone rapidly downhill, health wise, and it was the end of life for him too. Trixie had gone some years before.

Pets are a massive part of our lives. Sending hugs to you.

so sad to loose a four legged friend, i know what its like, he looked a super doggie

Ciderman, Chum sounds like he was a perfect pet, big enough to scare off intruders yet gentle enough to be a great pet…he was also handsome.:slight_smile:
You will be sad for a while but, when you have all come to terms with losing him, you will often remember the wonderful times when he made you smile.
We may not have our lovely pets forever, but the memories of them always remain !


So sad

What a lovely boy Chum was with soft gentle eyes.
Very sad for you Ciderman :frowning:
Losing a much loved canine friend is so very painful…

:Ohhhhh ciderman, im so sorry for the loss of your furry friend and family member. I know you must be broken hearted. That beautiful boy was so lucky to have had you to rescue him from such a dreadful start in his life.

You gave him a good life and he won’t forget. He’ll be waiting with an excited tail wag when the time is right.

Tis a sad day indeed, you cry all you need because days such as today are the reason we were given tears, dont becafraid to release them.

Memories can never be taken away. Enjoy those memories .

Big hugs Mr Ciderman. :hug::hug::hug:

Oh Ciderman, I am so sorry. He sounds a lovely dog. Its awful when you lose a family pet :frowning:

So sorry to hear your sad news ciderman. It is going to be a tough few months for you. Chum is going to leave a huge space in your life. I hope Rosie is ok. :cry:

What a fine looking animal Ciderman, I don’t have a dog, but if I did, I would want one just like Chum…So sorry for your loss, your post about Rosie was so heartfelt and caused a lump in my throat…:cry: All the best for you and your family…