Rooney charged with drink driving

He deserves a prison sentence as does any other cretin who is over the limit.

Silly man.

One he has no excuse these days we all know about drinking and driving so yes a prison sentance

Number two another member used that word this morining and was admonished for it. The c word should go same way as the n word IMO

Cretin isn’t racist, it applies to anyone who is stupid!

Well two mods took a dislike to its use I’m not sure it matters what it means if they don’t want it used that’s it as far as I am concerned.


:-(:-(Expect he will get some high priced lawyer to get him off.
Same as Beckham did.
Wonder why they think it is one law for us & one for them?

No doubt he will engage “Mr Loophole” again … :mad2:

Nick Freeman (born 1956) is an English solicitor. Freeman is the owner of Manchester-based legal practice Freeman & Co. and is best known as a celebrity defence lawyer, specialising in traffic and speeding offences.

He has been nicknamed “Mr Loophole” by the British tabloid press, a soubriquet which he has since trademarked.


His first high-profile case was that of Sir Alex Ferguson in 1999. Freeman argued that Ferguson had to use the hard shoulder to get to the training ground to allow for his upset stomach and need for a toilet.

Clients since have included:

David Beckham - In 1999, Beckham was given an eight-month ban, having been caught driving his Ferrari at 76 mph in a 50 mph zone in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Freeman successfully appealed the disqualification, arguing that he was petrified by being chased for ten miles from his home by the paparazzi.

Ranulph Fiennes - He escaped a prosecution for an alleged driving offence due to Freeman pointing out there was technical failures such as spelling errors on the letter summoning Fiennes to court and letters were sent out to a ‘Mr Ran Flenns’.

John Terry - Terry pleaded guilty and faced a minimum six-month ban, but magistrates reduced it to 28 days after Freeman said that Terry had only accelerated because he was being pursued by two photographers on motorbikes, and he was concerned for the safety of his children, also in the car. A tracking bug was discovered on Terry’s Range Rover that allowed his journeys to be monitored and for paparazzi to follow his whereabouts.

Emma Parker Bowles - Freeman was successful in defending and clearing the niece of Camilla Parker Bowles who had been summonsed for failing to nominate who was driving her vehicle.

Jimmy Carr - cleared of using a mobile phone while driving at Harrow Magistrates Court after Freeman argued that Carr had used the dictation setting of his iPhone to record a joke as he drove and that using the phone for such a purpose was not illegal under current law.

Jeremy Clarkson - after being loaned a car by Alfa Romeo, the vehicle was caught doing 82 mph (131 km/h) in a 50 mph (80 km/h) zone on the A40 in Ruislip. Alfa Romeo sent the ticket to Clarkson, who was acquitted and awarded costs because the prosecution did not offer evidence as to who the actual driver was at the time of the offence.

Wayne Rooney (previously) - cleared of driving without insurance when Freeman said that a requested adjournment had not been granted and the hearing had been conducted in absentia.

If found guilty he should never play for England again.

OPPS he stated that a week ago.:twisted::twisted::twisted:


A stupid thing to do.

He has enough money to pay someone to drive him.

Big boys toys,big boys toys Swimmy , doncha know !

It is rumoured that he bought his house(in the millionaires village of Prestbury)only because he thought the local pub was named after him.

What was he thinking? The shame of it all. A taxi would’ve been pence to him!!
Colleen is expecting their fourth child…when she is in labour, how is she going to get to the hospital?!!

Wife away on holiday…some reports suggest the car he was driving belongs to an older lady(much older)and his previous attraction to older ladies and granny prostitutes…is there a pattern forming?

‘Drunk’ woman who Wayne Rooney drove home breaks silence to reveal all about ‘mad 10-hour bender’ with pics of “mystery brunette” … :wink:

The former England captain is said to have helped the 29-year-old because she was in ‘no fit state’ to be behind the wheel herself

The mystery brunette in a car with Wayne Rooney when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence has spoken about a “mad 10 hours” with the footballer.

The 29-year-old women, Laura Simpson, broke her silence about an apparent 10-hour drinking session in the day leading up to the Everton striker being pulled over by police.

“It’s been a mad 10 hours,” she is quoted telling The Sun.

Rooney’s wife Coleen was abroad on holiday but is believed to have flown home in the wake of her husband’s latest scandal.

Rooney, 31, was pulled over by police in the black vehicle at 2am on Friday morning in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

If all this is true.
As an Everton fan I despair.
Idiot! :twisted:

Maybe not.

Really to be honest I couldn’t care less about Mr Rooney, I was amazed that he was the lead story on the news ahead of the Brexit negotiations…laughable really.

Whilst I’m on my rant it made me laugh the woman concerned is described as a brunette? Well it’s true her hair is brunette at the roots:) apparently that’s the fashion though these days, blonde or brunette …who knows :slight_smile:

It’s a word once used to describe someone who would now be described as having severe learning difficulties .

I have only one word for Him…EEJIT.