Richard Gere - MotherFatherSon (TV Mini Series 2019)


I set the drama to record but it didn’t!

Any reviews?

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Christopher Stevens of the Mail found it laughable . Richard Gere has had some seriou sly bad remarks made about him in the UK in the past and it looks like this journalist is carrying it on .
Be prepared to be shocked Ruthio.

Is this Motherfatherson on BBC2? Won’t it be on i player?

I was engrossed by all the different aspects of it .

Yes, I meant iPlayer when I said catch up!
I like the sound of it…:smiley:
Takes a lot to shock me Zuleika!!

Is there a show about Richard Gere I should be watching?

I wondered if someone would start a thread on MotherFatherSon.

ruthio, You might need to brace yourself in a few places! I dare not say too much though, as it might spoil it for you.

The actor, Billy Howle who played Caden was brilliant. I have never seen him before.

Richard Gere’s face, reminded me of a newborn kitten!

Ffosse it’s a new drama on BBC2, started last night.

Brace myself eh???
Can’t wait! :smiley:

Billy Howle co starred in the Jim Broadbent film A Sense Of An Ending .
Also he took the lead in On Chesil Beach .
He’s grown to look rather nice.

Just watched episode one.
I’ve seen others call it Rubbish, Pretentious, Twaddle…
I couldn’t disagree more!!

I was intrigued; a young man ruined by his ghastly father, and a classy drama set to continue and draw me in…bring it on!

Definitely marmite, and I love it!

I tried to watch it, but couldn’t get into it.
Probably my fault for not concentrating.

I’ve always liked that man, an old heart throb, but couldn’t help but notice how thin he has gone in the face.
Did anyone else think that?

I watched it too. Know exactly what Art means about the newborn kitten!

Still trying to work out how one thing led to another at the end and had to forward through some of those close up scenes…

No missed it. Had to go to work. Couldn’t record it because I was recording a programme with James May on BBC4 about model railways.
Probably more exciting.

Oh I don’t know? You might have found the sexworker scene interesting… don’t try it out with the wife though, she might not be too pleased! :lol:

I couldn’t watch the end bit and since when, has it been made possible for relatives to watch an operation in progress?

My niece once sat next to Richard on a plane…I know that’s nothing to do with the TV show you are chatting about but just thought I would throw it in there :slight_smile:

I missed the show…might watch it on catch up if I have time.

I swear I saw him on Waterloo station a couple of years ago!!!

I must say he plays a monster exceedingly well.
No wonder the son is so damaged.

I keep thinking “accoutrements” !! :shock:

I wish I had watched that too Floydy. :cry:

I thought it was pretentious rubbish.

It’s as though the director gave us all the bits of film in a bag and said, ‘There you go, see if you can put that together.’

Don’t you mean “accoutrements” :043::043:

Just can’t get that word out of my head!!

I had another word in mind… :wink:

She said it a few times but I can’t repeat it on here.