Rhino Run video

now 47,088 views with 61 subscribers


Nice. I suck at video.

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I’m sure I’ve seen this video before somewhere. :017:

That’s a great vid


It could even be the greatest video in the history of rhino videos. If Carlsberg did rhino videos, they probably wouldn’t be as good as that video. It really is one hell of a video. It’s had 47,088 views, you know. What a video. :icon_eek:

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I would guess that this is the most famous and/or popular video in the entire history of OFF. Now it gets its run on OFC.

deja vu?

It’s definitely the best rhino video I have ever seen.

How many have you seen, Annie? :slightly_smiling_face:

Just this one but it’s the best!

So you could say the competition is nowhere to be seen. :slightly_smiling_face:

48,012 views today and still rising

RS… it has just dawned on me…( sorry I’m a slow learner always have been) that you took this video?

I thought it was from a tv programme…it really looks like a David Attenborough video…?

Gosh, fancy seeing this video on here. So it’s on OFF, now it’s on OFC and, of course, it’s on YouTube. Anywhere else RS? :rhinoceros: :rhinoceros: :rhinoceros:

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Yes I took that video and also 50+others on my youtube channel

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That Rhino one is brilliant,!!

It is, isn’t it? and people don’t realise there is more to it than pointing the camera at a few rhinos and wobbling it about a bit.

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I watch many YouTube wildlife videos, there was a Rhino who was rescued as an infant, its mother was killed by poachers, this couple dedicated their lives to raising that Rhino, it was “ huge” even got to go into their house…I love watching rescue videos, especially when there is a happy ending.

49,015 views now, never thought for a moment it will still be going up

YIPPEE 50,007 views. Never ever thought I would get so many 21 aug 2021 is a date to remember and 66 subscribers as well