Real books vs e books?

I am a firm advocate of paper books. You can read them on the beach, in the bath and they never need charging. It was reported yesterday that sales of ebooks had fallen and paper books are regaining popularity. Which do you prefer and why?

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I’m with you on this Annie.

I do not want anything but my ordinary, paper book thanks.

Mainly because I am a boring old f**t.
Nothing wrong with books, at least they don’t break or conk out.
They’ve been an easy and acceptable method of reading all these years, so I don’t see the need to change.

I prefer real books but I do think e books are useful when travelling etc. Sometimes I download several free books on Kindle most of which are not very good and I give up after a few chapters but I do wonder if I would make more effort had I bought the proper book. Having said that, I have read some excellent free books and there is the advantage of being able to read the reviews.

My biggest gripe with Amazon is having to sift through all those ‘Billionaire and his lover’ type books.

E Books, Kindles . . where’s the romance is that dongles?

We communicate and read on the internet all the time now.
Will lovers of the future write their love letters on screens too?
Will tomorrow’s youngsters be incapable of writing anything on beautiful paper in pen & ink? :frowning:

I do both…good books I buy and keep…for the quick fix I use the Kindle.

I’m a big fan of my kindle app on my phone, sat in the GP surgery I can read while I wait, sat in my car out comes my phone book opens at right place and I’m reading while I wait, work just a five minute break for a drink of water and out comes my phone and I’m reading again, in bed at night I can read into the night without the lights on so not disturbing anyone else. Most books are free or less than £2 can’t beat that IMO

New authors if you like their writing some will send you their new copies for free just to get your review.

I can carry hundreds of books on holiday in a little phone it’s great.

Proper books every time. The smell, illustrations if any, cover page, bit about the author, rustling paper as the pages turn, I could go on…:smiley:

I love my Kindle, and do almost all of my reading on it now :slight_smile:

It can hold thousands of books and is so light and handy. I can make highlights or notes and even see highlights that other people have made. I can increase or decrease the text size.

All in all I just love my Kindle and couldn’t go back to paper books now unless they contained illustrations or art.

Paper for me… E books are not for me I have a slight problem with my eyes and that means staring at a screen for a longer time is just out of the question, I even had to abandon a forum I used to post on because they changed the site and the new layout (?) background was so bright I couldnt cope with it for more than 30 seconds at a time.

That increase decrease text sizes is brilliant I can read in bed with no glasses, anyone tried that knows how uncomfortable it can be.

Where you using an e-ink device like the kindle or something like the iPad or a tablet? Tablets use LCD screens which are not good to read on. e-ink devices are the best - no retina burning brightness, blue light, or flicker.

I can alter the colour and brightness on my iPad. At sunset the display changes automatically to a warmer hue which is easier on the eyes

No just my desk top… I wasn’t the only one who had problems but the owner of the site just said we should adjust our screens each time we logged in … I didn’t bother logging in again.

I have graves disease which makes my eyes light sensitive.

I also have that on my iPad Air 2, Rehab … it’s so much easier on your eyes isn’t it. :slight_smile:

:smiley: The difference when it switches over at sunset is quite surprising

It’s almost like being in another world! :smiley:

A friend said she loves her kindle because she can store so many books on it but you still can’t take it on the beach and not worry if sand gets in between the pages. Or hold it in the bath until the corners curl up. What about recharging? I get so mad having to keep recharging stuff and not being able to find the right cable when you need it (or getting cables all tangled - that’s the worst).

There is something that makes reading on screen more stressful. I don’t understand how a computer screen works. I do remember learning how the image on a tv works and it involves constant movement of light, so quick that it’s indiscernible to the brain. You get used to it if you have to use a computer to work, but maybe that makes reading a book this way a less relaxing experience. A bit too much for our brains to deal with.

Proper books for me every time. I just love them.

I love my Kindle. In fact I have 2 of them. As others have already said, there are many advantages over a tree destroyed for the paper of a book.
OK I do very occasionally read a paper book if it is given to me.
Before the Kindle, I had other devices that I could read ebooks on.
I always found places were I could find free books. ‘Cough’,:shock: even some of the latest ones.
Yea I know it was naughty.

This is a good point. The type can be enlarged for anyone who has difficulty reading a paper book due to cataracts etc.

As for the highlights, I have to admit that I sometimes don’t understand why a particular sentence is highlighted.